Kal on sub integration and AntiMode

Kal has some interesting points I concur with, overall here. The sound quality of a well integrated sub, as well as the need to develop a good house curve are spot on. I disagree with his curve, but that's a personal matter. I'd also lift up the sub level from his, to give a better balance between movies and music, especially if he's crossing over so low.


You can achieve similar results if you know how with a miniDSP unit for far less, as well as take a partial route, adding the EQ to the sub alone. 

Personally I've never heard a Dspeaker product, so I have no opinion on the preamp itself. I just wanted to point out what exactly good subs sound like and why.
Curious to know, what "integration" is there beyond level matching?
Hey @millercarbon ,

Setting the crossover point and slope and delay. Removing the peaks and nulls, as well as setting the slope of the subwoofer itself and possibly EQing the main speaker to transition better.

This covers integrating sub to speaker and sub to room.