Analog preamp with subwoofer integration + HT bypass

I'm currently trying to combine my vinyl and HT setups and am looking for a preamp that has the following features:

 - Analog inputs with crossover for subwoofer (no A/D + D/A conversion)  
 - HT bypass for speakers and subwoofer (true bypass, not unity gain)
 - Analog, non-potentiometer volume control

So far I've found two options, the Parasound Halo P6 and the Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2. The Emotiva in particular seems like fantastic value used. That said, I'm not a huge fan of its looks. I've also seen middling reviews of sound quality for both options.

I was looking at the Anthem STR as an option but it has to digitize the analog signal to enable subwoofer management.

Any other preamps that I'm missing? Or is there a better option to integrate a subwoofer for both HT and audio use?

Rest of my audio system for reference:
KEF Reference 1 speakers
PSA S1510DF subwoofer
ATI AT523NC amplifier
Rega Planar 10 turntable
PS Audio Stellar Phono pre-amp
Best option is what I do- integrated amp with pre-out to subs. Mine goes to 2 Dayton sub amps, and one Talon Roc powered sub is run off one of the Dayton amps bypass outs. 

This eliminates the unnecessary expense of separates, power cords, and interconnects. This eliminates the unnecessary crossover in the pre-amp situation- which you do not want anyway. You actually do want your mains being extra bass sources. 

This setup is an across the board win-win. You would not believe how freaking good it works for both music and movies. Watch for my system pics to be uploaded this weekend.
Thanks @millercarbon - I already have an amplifier I like for HT/music (3 channel for LCR) so haven't really looked into the integrated options. I suppose running the center channel off my receiver wouldn't be a disaster.

Which integrated are you using?

If you are considering the Parasound P6, look at the Hint Integrated (or earlier Halo). It has all the things you want/list in an excellent overall package.