Just received my B&W 802's: One tweeter doesn't work - HELP!

After testing many new speakers (Magico A3, B&W 801 D4, Wilson Sasha DAW, others) I realized I really, really just liked the tonal balance of my current B&W 803 D2's. Because of this, I sought out a pair of used 802 D2's, as an upgrade that would have the most similar tonal balance. I found a pair of "mint condition" used B&W 802 D2's for sale online, from a very well-reviewed retail shop. After receiving them, I was actually surprised that the speakers were truly, in fact, in mint condition. Everything about them seemed brand new. However, that was until I tried them for the first time and found that one tweeter produces no sound at all. I triple checked all phase connections, and tried removing the jumpers (the mid-range cut out as expected when I removed the jumpers). My questions: 1) Can anyone tell me the most likely cause of a tweeter failing totally where it produces no sound at all, and yet the speaker and tweeter itself visually appears to be in pristine condition? Loose connection internally? Blown crossover and/or tweeter unit? 2) Further to my first question, how would this issue be addressed? 3) How would most reputable retailers respond in this scenario? I've sent the retailer an email (they are closed for today) indicating the issue, along with photos of my connections to prove correct phase, etc, and also a short video showing a recording in front of the speaker with it's tweeter working properly, and moving to the other speaker where you can clearly hear the tweeter is not making any sound. 4) Would B&W help at all, considering these are older speakers and the fact that I purchased used? 5) Any advice? It's frustrating, because I can tell from what I've heard that these speakers were everything I was hoping for. Less one working tweeter. Thanks....

@sfstereo Good idea.  Went to find my multimeter and it’s not in my toolbox!  Will have to hunt for it.  Haven’t used it for a year or so…

I wouldn’t sweat it about crossover damage if it sounds fine.
Just enjoy it. I would insist though to get reimbursed for new twitter. 

There is a tiny wire to the coil and since the coil moves the wire constantly flexes and eventually will break.  It may be visible, maybe need a magnifying class.  My guess is that it's not fixable, at least not without specialized tools.  I've had a couple of tweeters go this way due to a faulty crossover.  

@sfstereo , found my multimeter. Forgot I had another toolbox. The faulty tweeter, as expected, shows an open load (infinite resistance).

@audphile1 , the retailer has been very responsive even late last night, and has said they will try to figure out how to get me a new tweeter (either through a spare that they have in the shop, or ordering through B&W). If through B&W, the lead time will be very long, I assume.  I'm sure that the retailer must have missed doing a thorough check of the speakers when they acquired them to sell.

@jon_5912 , guessing your theory is correct regarding this tiny wire constantly flexing and eventually breaking. I’m wondering about purchasing a backup tweeter from B&W just in case - I plan to have these speakers for a very long time, as I feel I’ve managed to get to my "lifetime system". But you know how these things go. The replacement tweeter is very expensive though - they list it at over $800 USD (this is just for the tweeter itself, not for the full assembly which I wouldn’t need and is even more expensive). Wonder if I should pick up a spare crossover too!


I recently did something stupid (which will remain unmentioned) and lost all sound from a 702 S2 tweeter.  I took a chance and ordered a new tweeter not wanting to have to go through the hassle of taking it in for repairs and hoping/gambling that it wasn’t a crossover issue.  I ordered a replacement tweeter from a store on eBay as the B&W online store was showing not available.  It turned out to be a good news story as the tweeter showed up in a few days, the replacement was relatively easy (after watching a few really good B&W tweeter replacement videos on YouTube), and my speakers are as good as new.