I just received the new Enya SHM-CD Remasters

I received these yesterday:

WPCR-13298 ENYA / Watermark [SHM-CD & Digitally Remastered Edition] [Limited Release]
CDA 2743yen Released: 2009/03/04

WPCR-13299 ENYA / Shepherd Moon [SHM-CD & Digitally Remastered Edition] [Limited Release]
CDA 2743yen Released: 2009/03/04

Any Enya fans that like these two CD might consider picking up these two Japanese remasters. They actually seem to be completely different recordings, they are that good!

I see them for $36.99 USD, is that a typical price for SHM-CD? I'd like to start buying SHM, but the cost is still too high.
I bought these from Japan when they first came out. At the time they were priced a bit higher than other SHM-CDs. The yen has been all over the place so depending on when they were purchased $36.99 wouldn't be crazy. I believe I paid approximately $28 each.
I also own the 24K Japanese Releases.
BTW: Some of these SHM-CDs are a bit "too focused" for me. Could be my system. I just got a new DAC and have not heard these Enya CDs through it so my opinion is subject to change.


I don't buy SHM-CDs from Amazon if I can buy them directly from CD Japan. They're only $28.00 and I receive them in about a week.


Krell_man, thanks for this link. It's a wild website, but they have many SHM-CDs for very reasonable prices.

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