Just getting started. need help

I have recently been bitten by the audio bug since my audiophile dad passed down some seperates to me. I need some help deciding on a pair of full range speakers. I'd like to spend less than a grand on a used pair that I can grow into by upgrading my upstream components. At the moment I have a parasound pre pro, HK 5 channel amp and onkyo dvd/cd player. My speakers are polk towers, sub and surrounds. Thanks for the advice, can't wait to learn from the experts.
Room size, musical preferences?
W/O any more info, I'm thinking maybe Triangle Celius. Musical, good PRAT, near full range.
Thanks swapwalker. I don't have the dimensions of the room but I would classify it as large. I listen to classic rock and jazz mostly.
the polk towers should sound pretty good. i would live with the system as it is for awhile. keep the money. you can always make changes that require spending and get nowhere. wait awhile.

I'm mixed on this topic, but tend to side with Jaybo... wait a while first.

Philosophies vary on system building around here. I prefer to go from front to back myself. Especially if one is not tremendously flush to begin with... which bars buying top flight speaks right off.

If you haven't yet made your mind up as to which way you want to go ex. Tubes... or SS.. and have a burning desire to spend $$$$ right now.... I'd say go get yourself as good a source as you can do.

CDP or TT. Or go the PC and/or server route.

but for now, a better source would be my take, IF you absolutely gotta buy something.

'Course, buying some music too would be in order as well.

yeah.. source.... and maybe, if you can, some cables.