Kits - How to Get Started

I want to learn how to build a high-end tube amplifier kit, but have zero experience. Before I buy an expensive kit, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a learning kit. I tried the web and it seems I either find doorbell kits or kits that assume you have soldering experience.

Can anybody recommend a kit appropriate for somebody who is reasonably intelligent (big assumption on my part, I know), but who has no soldering experience and whose long range goal is to build a high-end amplifier kit? I have access to a temperature controlled soldering tool.

The more specific you could be, the more it will help. Thanks in advance.
Try Bottlehead:
They sell kits which sound good, too!
Building a chip amp would be a very inexpensive way to gain some experience... is one source and Peter Daniels is another.
before you go for expensive tube kits you should check on velleman ones that would cost you in the $50 range.

they utilise simple preamps, balanced line converters, phono boards, input selectors, remote volume pots with the descent sound quality.
Also consider Hagerman's kits. Before you tackle any kit, Google soldering or check [url+]here[/url]. Practise on any trashed component you find.
imo and what i did > build the bottlehead foreplay preamp first -- you will get the soldering experience you need --- it is also a very good sounding preamp besides being reasonable cost .

then do your tube amp kit ---- i did the audio note kit one.

for newbies, after getting the mechanics down(soldering etc) , the real key to success is how well the construction manual is written -- very basic with lots of pics is best ---- from there its like painting by number . Of course a web site with member support helps greatly also ........