Joule Electra Owners-What Power Cables?

Any Joule Owners care to comment on any particularly nice power cord combinations. I will being trying it on my LA100 pre first and with success more for my amps. The Less Loss, Tel wire and Audio Magic seem to be on the short list but would appreciate hearing from any joule electra owners.
When I owned my Joule LA-100 MkIII I used a Virtual Dynamics Nite II and VH Audio Flavor 4 PC on it with good results. In the end I preferred the Nite II.

However, this was a few years ago now. If I were using it today the Tel Wire would get a serious listen on it.
I've used with a Joule Electra LA 150 (now upgraded to Mk 2 version) both Cardas Golden Reference as as well as David Elrod's Signature 2 ribbon cables. Both were excellent.
I am currently using my LAP-150 Mk II with the Cardas Golden Reference PC. It is a good match but I am going to try and experiment with Bis Audio Maestro AC which I am currently using with my CDP.

The rest of my system is:
Sonus Faber GP Home
Joule-Electra LAP-150 Mk II
Bryston 4B Pro
Meridian 596 Player
Bisaudio Maestro Interconnects
Cardas Crosslink Speaker Cables
Cardas Golden Reference Pre-amp Power Cord
Bis Audio Maestro CD Player Power Cord

Some other interesting cables are:
1. Black Sand Violet and Silver Reference.
2. Lessloss
Both get good reviews.
Personally I tried the Black Sand Violet on both the CDP (better results) and the Pre-amp and thought it was very airy and ambient but not as extended in the bass and not lush, warm, and musical as the Bis or the Cardas- again this is all about the rest of your system and what you want to achieve.
In general this cable business is very system and personal taste dependent so a home trial is a must.
I like the original Electraglide Ac cord(Elrod made) on my LA150... gets the venue and hall info right, as well as layering and seperation. Wet airy and musical; soundstages deep bass too....

I tried the BIS Audio Maestro (
Small company from Montreal.
Excellent products at reasonable prices, relatively speaking.
The Maestro is their top of the line Power Cable and holly smokes is it ever good!
In my system it puts the Cardas Golden Reference to shame:
It has the smoothness and musicality of the Cardas but on top it gives tones of ambiance and inner detail. Quiet passages are as dramatic as musical ones. and Sound floor level is much better (you do not have to put high volume levels to ake your speakers come alive, the stage does not crush as you lower the volume level).

Excellent cable but one Caveat:
It should be used with Solid State amplification, preferably bi-polar.
Other wise the "tube bloom" it adds could sound a tad slow and it could be too much of a good thing.

Try it out if you have a chance.

Second the Electraglide or Elrod.

Should be standard equipment on the Joule