Jolida 302B

is the Jolida 302B amp an integrated amp? i have read online that it is, but i cannot simply plug in my t/t to the amp and get any volume. am i misinformed about he idea of the integrated amp? should i be able to play my t/t directly through this? i have using the bellari vp 129 tube amp as a preamp, but i was just wondering if i had an integrated amp do i reallt need a pre amp? thanks.
Like many manufactures these days, the Jolida does no have a phono stage so they make a stand alone phono stage, but you can use any brand phono stage to it for your turntable.

Incidentally, Jolida's integrateds are essencially power amps w/ a line stage passive preamp, and these amps do sound good for the money.
Your understanding of an integrated amp is correct. Unfortunatly you also need to understand that the output of a phono cartridge is a special circumstance. A MM phono cartridge's output is around 3 to 5 millivolts (MC cartridges are much less). Other source componenets such as a CD player, tuner, reel to reel tape player ect. output is in the 1 to 2 volt range ("line level" voltage). A phono stage is required to boost the millivolt signal and apply the required RIAA equilization to the cartridge signal. The phono stage output is in the 1+ volt range that the integrated amp can now work with. There are some integrateds that have "built in" phono stages but the "line stage" only are the more common format today.