Jolida 100 CD Player - No Disk error


I have a new Jolida 100 Cd Player, for some reason, I turn on the player while I have a XRCD disk in it. It made a crashing sound for about 2 second and then it said "No Disk" now, when I hit the play - it said Error 1.

I have seen some forum talk about this but it was 2004. Does anyone recently have this problem with Jolida cd player? And how did you solve this problem

thanks so much
I don't have the problem with my Jolida that you're having....however, with a few of the XRCD's that I have, I can hear the disc whirring around as it's playing. Not all the XRCD's, just a few. With all other non-XRCD's there is complete silence. So it seems as if the player does have some issues with XRCD's. I'd advise you to contact Jolida to see what they have to say.
My Jolida won't read a few discs. Sometimes this happens to discs treated with Shinola that I could previously play. Any ideas on that?

I also have a problem with hearing the disc "whiring around" when playing. Jolida attributed it to warped discs, but for me it happens on every disc. I listen to low volume a lot and my room is small, so it's annoying. Any ideas?

Jakelee, is the player able to read any discs now?

Not sure what exactly made the crashing sound, but it's related to the transport/laser head mechanism.

If it cannot read any discs, this probably has been damaged. Don't know about Jolida players specifically, but in all likelihood, it's not such a big deal to fix it.
I have sent the player to fix.

I really don't understand how a new player can happen just like that. It is still low hour usage. Less 50 hrs.

thanks all!