Classe CP-700 owners - won't play - AC Volt Error

I received my new / demo Classe CP-700 pre-amp unit yesterday....but when I went to set it up - the display read - '' internal protection circuit engaged - AC voltage error ''....I have hooked up at least different three pre-amps in the past at this very same outlet with no prior problems......I took the pre-amp to different outlets in my house - and the same display was shown other words - it dosen't work. The dealer had closed by the time I had reached this I doing something wrong here ????
Does the unit have a 110/220V switch in the wrong position? Only guess I have.
The Classé Delta series components will go into protection mode if the AC line voltage is excessively high (greater than 135V). If you have a multimeter, check your houeshold voltage. I recall a member at one forum recently who had 140V at his house.
140v at the house? wow and ouch.
I've never seen over 119 here, and I have a full-time voltage monitor plugged in.
Doesn't record, though, or even grab 'peak' value.