Lossless files contain errors

I use my Window Vista Ultimate PC to rip CDs to lossless files using error correction. I just have an ordinary CDR drive and a mid+ level NVidia card.

I play the files through my iPod Classic 160-gig, into a Wadia 170i and via coax out into my Playback Designs MPS-5's DAC. Most files sound like the original CDs when played through the iPod/Wadia/PD combo, but a few sound seriously "off" with the vocal and instrumental timbres changing slightly.

When I re-ripped a few of the offending the files, the new files could not be distinguished from the original CDs. What gives? Is there a way to get an error correction report at the end of a rip? (I'm just using the latest version of iTunes for the rips).

I'm convinced that something occasionally goes wrong in the error correction process. I've aborted one or two rips because the process was going slower than real time. When I restarted the rip everything was ok. Now, with my new experience replacing files for the better, I'm wondering if error correction sometimes elects a "good enough" attitude and just gives you a crummy file.

Is there a way that I can be certain that my lossless files are "bit perfect?"

In the iTunes" Import Settings" menu, have you checked "Use error correction when reading CDs"?

Also, when you playback the suspected erroneous files, do the same errors occur if you play the files several times? In other words, are you certain it's the ripped files, and not a problem with something else in your playback chain...like the iPod, or the Wadia 170i, or the PB designs DAC?

I have heard playback errors in two of the three iPods I have owned, yet the original ripped files on my Mac's hard drive do not exhibit the same errors.
I do have "Use error correction..." selected.

Hmm, your idea about the iPod perhaps being the culprit has some merit. I did play a couple of the files more than once, but I didn't undock the iPod and reboot it or do anything like that right at the moment. I'm using an iPod Classic 160 gig, so it's not a flash drive and could be somewhat error prone.

If I hear the issue again I'll take your advice.

The iPod I have had particular issues with is an iPod 30Gb (prior model to the iPod Classic, but utilizing the same drive technology, or so I believe).

My experience has been that the iTunes import using error correction is pretty darned good, and playback issues are found elsewhere in the process.
Does Itunes allow for different degrees of error checking? C-DEX appears to support 4 levels of error checking, plus jitter detection. G.
Not that I know of, but I'm hoping that there is a way to at least get a report of the rip's accuracy.

When ripping the CDs to lossless, is there an option to "Use Sound Check"? This is an option available when burning an iTunes playlist TO a CD that adjusts the sound level of all songs to be within the same general range. I find this actually plays havoc with the sound quality on some cuts more than others, and now always turn it off when burning even if it means a mismatch in volumes through out the disk.

In general iTunes and iPods are very convenient, but I still haven't warmed to the resolution provided by any digital formats other than AIFF. I haven't experimented much with higher resolution digital formats, but am intrigued by the digital server approach being marketed by Linn and others.
When ripping the CDs to lossless, is there an option to "Use Sound Check"?
Yes, and as you suggest, it is detrimental to the sound. As far as I know, it is available no matter was format you rip to, in iTunes.
For the record, I'm not using "Use Sound Check."

Does anyone know what sound enhancer is used for to rip cd's to I Pod. You can set this from low to high or not use it at all.
I am not surprised Dave, SoundCheck is for Muzak (grins!). . . by definition, it would homogenize macro and micro dynamics.