John Hartford

At 4:30 p.m. June 4th, 2001, after a long struggle
John Hartford passed away
at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, TN
How sad. I am a great fan of John Hartford and have been for many years. His bluegrass and old timey records are some of the best contemporary music around - I urge all of you who might read this post to sample his work. I did'nt even know he was ailing - what a shock to hear he is gone!
Oh Brother Where Art Thou? What a shame. I'll be listening tonite.
i had the great good fortune to see john perform several times. his was a unique talent who combined fiddling, banjo pickin' and clog dancing (while performing on one of his hand wrought instruments.) i saw him once at the telluride bluegrass festival, where he stepped down from the stage and into the huge throng, inviting all its members to sing and dance in a line that reached from one end of the park to the other. that was a magic moment. john was the pied piper, the gentle poet and the livin'-a-dream riverboat pilot. i knew that the concert he gave at the boulder theatre last march would be one of his last and something thus to be treasured. i'll sure miss you, john but feel better knowin' you'll join that gang of bluegrass masters who have gone before and keep on jammin' and jokin' and singin' til we can all dance together again in an endless line, you in the lead. -kelly
How sad. A true original.
I have enjoyed his music ever since I first saw him on the Smothers Brothers Show. He honored and celebrated true American music. A shame to hear hes gone.
i was lucky enuff to see john a couple of times, but the last time was ~15 years ago. as kelly sez, he really got into his shows - quite the performer. i still spin a couple of his lps on the platter... i'm saddened to here this - i dint know he was unwell...

doug s.

I never followed John's musical carreer, but used to tune into the Glen Cambell show as a kid (he was the only reason to do so) to watch/listen to him. Seems that I saw him later on in a PBS show filmed along a river bank with other folk greats.
Hearing this makes me so very sad. Growing up with him on television as a child. Listening to him colaborate with his idols as I have grown older. Such a unique individual. I will surely miss his story telling.
Kelly, thank you so much for sharing that with us. Jeff.