W. Hartford, CT...any good audio shops?

In the near future, I will be visiting W. Hartford. Does anyone have any recommendations for high end audio shops that are known to regularly have good gear on demonstration in quality demo listening rooms?

Go up I91 to Northampton, Mass and Spearit Sound.
I've known these guys for over 25 years. Straight shooters.

http://www.spearitsound.com/ - shows the address as clickable link

If you're coming in from the south go to Take5 in New Haven. First class people, equipment and recommendations.
Take 5 is recommended. Also Audio Shop in Newington CT has some high end stuff, on Rte 15 just south of Hartford. Also feel free to drop me a line off-thread and maybe you can stop by and listen a bit at my place in WH.
Check out http://www.thestereoshop.com/
They seem knowledgeable & the place has been around for over 45 years. It's on the Hartford/W.Hartford border.
505 Farmington Ave; Hartford CT. 06105
Phone (860) 523-7250
Business Hours:
10AM - 6PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
10AM - 730PM Thursday
10AM - 5PM Saturday
Closed: Sunday, Monday
Try The Stereo Shop on Farminton Ave in W. Hartford.