JMF Audio: Any experience with JMF Amps/Transport?

Any JMF owners out there? The recent show reports from Munich and the bits I've been able to find on the internet have me very interested in knowing more about this French company that seems to manufacture gear that has turned some heads and caused music lovers to leave some much more pricey high-end gear behind.

Specifically, I am interested in any owners with info to share hear about their experiences with;

- HQS9001 mono amp
- HQS7001 mono amp
- HQS6002 stereo amp
- DMT 3.7 (NEW this month) transport
- DCX 2.2 MK2 DAC

Any links to discussion threads, system pics, etc and your comments on how this gear sounds would be appreciated.

I've attempted to contact them via email as well but have not yet heard back.....if you know of their distributors or dealers in the US or Europe, I'd be grateful having contact info, etc....

No experience but it seems to me they have simply copied (at least in many ways)the electronics pioneered by Kinoshita Monitor Rey Audio. This does not invalidate them but does give one pause as to who is really the brains behind the products.
Thanks for the response....not familiar with that other brand. I'll have to do some reading.
I would really think twice about buying from a little known French company...especially when they have so far been unresponsive. Look at Kora and Audio Aero. A lot of owners stuck without service.
Roxy,...thank you for the comments and advice! There was a one day time period from my initial email on the 5th and they have been communicating with me in detail over the last 24 hours. I read my initial post and I did not clarify when I reached out to the them and how long it had been; apologies for the lack of clarity.
Some strong opinions from people who have absolutely no experience with either the products or the company.

JMF-Audio has been making the Kinoshita amplifiers since the 80's, not the other way around. Look at the Kinoshita amplifiers and DAC and you'll see the JMF logo on them. It is how I became aware of them since I'm obsessed with the sound of the Rey Audio and TAD monitors.

I visited them (From the US) years ago and their complete system is extraordinary. It is a bit of a journey to go and visit them but worth the trip. They are not a 'little French Company' but a self-sufficient manufacturer that has been building gear for several decades, they move carefully and bring out products when technology is mature and tested. The acclaim they got in Munich comes as no surprise.

I bought an amplifier from them (HQS6002D) and have been listening to it daily for 3 years now, it sounds great. I cannot think of any other amplifier I'd rather own, other than a bigger model of theirs. On paper they outperform anything out there.

As for their communication, you must have caught them at a busy time because they've always been very available in my case, via email, phone or in person. I visited them at a time when I made it clear I had absolutely no intention to buy anything from them and still I spend a full day at their auditorium.
Thank you definitely must have been a busy period as they did get back around to communicate with me and subsequent communications have all been within the day. Apparently they 3.7 transport is now production ready and selling internationally. They did state they have not found the right dealer or distributor for the US as yet so for now, until I can manage to travel all the way to Europe, there is no way to hear the transport/any of their other gear. Thanks again!
I have intensive experience with JMF stereo DAC , pre , stereo power , line conditioner & full loom cables in my friend's system that using Magico Q3 .

Me & few audiophile friends did the AB test very carefully:
- JMF dac to Burmester 001 as cdp (use as cd transport for dac) , Esoteric P-02 & D-02 , Naim 555 also Burmester 969 cdt / 970 dac.
Results: JMF dac + Burmester 969 cdt combination is better than all above digital source. 

- Pre JMF better than his previous pre : FM Acoustics 255 mk. II. He was using Levinson no. 32 , Burmester & several other preamps before FMA pre.

- HQS-6002 pwr compared with Soulution 710 , Burmester 911 mk. 3 , Chord SPM-6000 monos & Accuphase A-200 monos. 
HQS-6002 better in all aspects in very big margin .

- JMF power conditioner a lot better than current Torus flagship power conditioner & Burmester power conditioner. 

JMF has very low noise floor , musicality that compareable to single ended triode (i'm a SET lover) , very refined & realistic sound that i never heard from other big brands.
Actually me & my friends were not expected the results since JMF was unknown before .

You won't believe if you not hear by yourself .

What was the price of  your  6002 stereo amp, and did you get it from them directly or thru  dealer in the USA?