JM Labs 927 Be vs Sonus Faber GPH also the 937BE

Has anybody auditioned both these speakers, and what is your preference.

Room Size:
Classical,Indian movie music (Vocal + lot of instruments), Indian classical, & Jazz.

I am also looking at the 937Be, and the main difference between 927 seems to be in the size of woofer. How do you guys compare the 927 vs 937. Also would the 937be work given the room size.

Thank you,
For a room this size, I would forget the GPH and go for Cremona Auditors if you decide on Sonus Faber over JM Labs. This is a far better speaker, and is going to be cheaper than the 937BE and around the same price (roughly) as the 927.
I much prefer the 937s over the 927s. the 927s did not sound right to me. Some thing with the synergy of the drivers. The 937s were great though. I preferred them to the Diva Utopias, though I finally bought the Altos. I don't like the Sonus Faber, so I'm probably not one to ask. I heard the grand pianos with several pieces of equipment and didn't care for the sound with my music.
anyone looked at these, how is the instrument seperation of the 927 be, GPH does a good job at it.
How is the instrument seperation on the 927 be compared to the cremona auditors
Also what type of music does cremona auditor work with apart from classical, vocal and jazz.

I dont mean to divert this discussion towards something else. But I would like to let you know my choice of speakers for the type of music preferences you have. Totem Acoustics have Arros, Hawks, Forests and Mani-2. All of these sound darn good..infact magical for the type of music you are referring to. I have not listened to Sonus Faber (or) JM Labs Higher end like 927 (or) 937 be. But I did listen to JM Lab Chorus line which are pretty good...but not in the same league as Totems particularly for your music choice. May be you can atleast audition them if you have not already done so.

If you like Sonus Faber GPH, the Cremona Auditor does all that the GPH does, except much better. I personally think the Sonus line is a bit more musically versatile than the JM Labs. Specifically the Cremona Auditors rock much better than my Electra 926's. But the JM Labs are excellent speakers, and I believe this is particularly true if you are using tube gear. Nothing I've heard beats JM Labs for well recorded female vocals, for instance. But I find them quite unforgiving and not that well suited for some of my music collection.

To be honest, though, neither the JM Labs nor Sonus Fabers are my favorite in the price range. For me, the best is the PMC OBH-1. This is a wonderfully accurate British speaker without a characteristic "audiophile" sound. They do require a pretty powerful amp to drive them, and tubes are really out of the question. But check out some reviews, and much more important, audition a pair if you get a chance. (There is an interesting thread here comparing them to ATCs that you can search for.)
The JM Labs 927/937 Be are known for the high-resolution tweeter. This does not seem a good match for classical Indian music, IMHO.
My typo, make that the PMC OB-1.
Thanks a lot guys for your responses, currently I am kind of leaning towards Cremona Auditor's, and kind of towards 937Be becuase both speakers brand new with warranty are costing the same price.

Now given that both of them are costing the same (cremona auditors with stands) and 937be , I am extremly confused on what to pick. I want to go for the cremona auditors given the room size but 937BE given the price.
Also after reading some threads on the placement of Cremona auditors, it looks like they need to be placed very far from the walls due to the rear port. If this is the case I am very inclined to choose the 937BE ? The 937Be is kind of an overkill for the room, but given that my volume levels are very low it might not be that bad.

How have you guys arranged the Cremona auditors right now ?
Well, I assume you are going to audition these speakers, so the confusion should stop once you hear them playing your music, through your own system, in your own room. (If you are going to buy new, an audio store should allow an audition in your own home, and they should set up the speakers for you). If buying used it is trickier, but you still have to at least hear any speaker you are considering in an audio store before you buy them. That will help your confusion – no one else can tell you what will sound good to your ear.
well I ended up getting the 937be, these still need to be fully burned in , but i am amazed at what I am hearing right now. They sound better than GPH, and this should go up considering they are not fully broken in. I cannot wait for the 300 hours of breakin to be over.

Again guys thanks a lot for all your help.
Nice choice. I like these speakers a lot and nearly bought them myself. Hope you enjoy them very much.
Has anyone heard the JM Labs 946 speakers.
Well, I need to back track from some of my statements above, having just had the Sonus Faber Cremonas (9k) home for a weekend audition. It made all the difference. While I still do think they rock a bit better than my Electra 926's, there is no question but that the 926's are better sounding overall (to my ear, as always). Based on auditions in the store, this surprised me. Given that the Cremonas are much better than the GPH, and the 937 be is better than my 926's, I think you unquestionably made the right decision. Congratulations and enjoy!
I had the same problem some time ago. I compared Electra 926 and GPH and bought...........Electra of course. Better speaker.

I am not familiar with Sonus Faber speakers BUT am very familiar with JM Lab and currently own a pair of 946 Electras and have heard pretty much the whole JM Lab line. I find the 946 Electras to be a well balanced, full sounding speaker without being boomy and have great image depth as well as great detail. IMO the Focal drivers deliver speed and accuracy that rival the best electrostat or ribbon drivers. Also fit and finish and cabinet construction are top notch. The new Be tweeters are simply amazing and are considered by some to be the best tweeter in the world. Of the speakers that Whatever123 mentioned, my choice would be the 937Be but don't overlook the standard Electra series 926,36 46 as these speakers are a now a real bargain on the used market since the Be models came out and offer very close performance for a lot less money.
These speakers are starting to sound way better with the burnin, Have about 200 hours on them, need another 100 hours now I need to finish up the room treatments. Getting michel green room tune.
Yeah, I bet you need room treatments!! 937s in an 11x12 foot room? I'd say you have way too much bass in there - your spectral balance has to be all out of whack.

Focal says the minimum room size for proper driver integration on the 936/937 is 270 sq.ft. and your room is half that size. How did you place the speakers? Have you done a room response graph yet? Arthur
Have the room treatment made the difference?