B&W 800D or Sonus Faber Futuras

Considering these two speakers, has anyone heard and compared them in the past? I currently have a McIntosh C50 pre and MC452 amp.
They are *very* different speakers. The 800's are great at dynamics, bass
slam and are quite balanced across the spectrum. With the right
electronics, they can almost disappear. The Sonus Fabers are very liquid
sounding and are great at presenting stringed instruments. They are a bit
more "civilized and polite" IMHO. Both are fine speakers, but I
prefer the 800 D's because I listen to a bit of everything when it comes to
music and the B&W's are a bit more versatile. Paired with Classe's latest
amplifiers, which are used to voice the speakers, real magic is possible.
I've never heard them with Mac gear, but I imagine it could be a good
The B&Ws.
The 800Ds will also provide "excellent" imaging and precision/ability to differentiate and follow all instruments in the mix. Many great recording studios and highly respected recording engineers use them for their revealing, and to those engineers, satisfactory/reliable/workable balance accuracy and relatively full range in frequency response & dynamics.