JM Lab Diva vs 937Be vs Mezzo Utopia

On Audiogon, I can pick up the Diva, 937Be or Mezzo Utopia for about the same price. I would really like to hear from fellow GON'ers who have auditioned these. Unfortunately, I no longer have a local dealer where I can audition - they left the Atlanta area before the Diva's and 937's were introduced. I listened to the Mezzo's years ago - fell in love with them -and can only now afford them. But, I've read great things about the berryllium tweeter and would like to get opinions about the larger Mezzo's vs the more nimble berryllium 937's and Diva's

Opinions?? I listen to progressive Jazz, instrumentals, vocalists, R&B - medium size room. Thanks
I own 937s (tioxid) and think the Mezzo sounded more musical the Diva seemed too polite. In My Humble opinion its not all in the tweeter the lay out and especially the mids of all elements sound better for no obvious reason in the Utopias
I have the 926s (tioxid) and found the Divas more laid back than the Electras as well. (I think Mechans meant to say he has the 936s). The Be tweeter is definately different from the Mezzo's tweeter so which you like will depend on your tastes. There are a couple Agoners who prefer the sound of the previous Utopia tweeter than the new Be.