Jelco 750E 10"

Hi All

Has anybody here any experience of this tonearm and what is its closest rival. Many talk about just how good the other Jelco arms are but I have not read a comparative review of any of them.

Regards R
The 750 is a general design--it comes in 9, 10, and 12 " varieties (the letter following tells which of the three). Tomorrow, Santa Claus (UPS) delivers me a Avid Diva 2 with a Jelco arm--everyone at Music Direct insists it's a great arm--and sometime later I'll give you real feedback.
It's no secret that the Artisan arms I carry are in fact Jelco's (the 250 and not the 750). Take what you will from my experience of the 250 ...

The 250 is so good, that it is worthy of the Discovery Cable Plus-4 tonearm cable - the same wire used in Tri-Planars and the Talea tonearm.

The 250 is not in either of the above arms' class, but it is still very, very good.

It's good enough that I'm working on providing a hard-wired version of it (straight run of Plus-4 from RCAs to the cartridge clips). We'll see what this does to its performance.

Thom @ Galibier