JD100 - can I do better under $2K

Using RCA 5751 NOS in the Jolida. While the sound is excellent, I wonder if I could get a *little* more detail/resolution out of a different player. Of course, detail can be not such a good thing, so the cdp has to get the other things right too. I would like to come closer to the analog sound, which the JD IMO is pretty good at (but I also believe only analog sounds like analog, still, the goal is to approach it).

Used ok if a reliable brand/model.
I jumped from the JD-100A to an Audio Aero Prima in search of that resolution. This player is a significant jump up from the Jolida.

Many like the Cary players as well. I've not heard them.

Good luck!
The Music Hall MMF25 CD player is superior to me(at $400 less), as is the MF A3 lineage or the Carys of this pricerange.

And, the Granite Audio 650 is the best I have come across at under $2000.

If you are willing to buy used, look into the Electrocompaniet, better Carys, or the Granite 657.
Not that i know of, any more resolution and detail, and i would think you would lose the "analog" sound you are looking for, and would start to sound more "digital" I haven't experienced a player under 5000 honestly that outperforms the jolida (with upgraded tubes) Meitner and Burmester are two that i really like, but afraid they are way over the 5k mark.

I have to say that Readster's high end CDP choices are stellar. At the same time, I've heard a number of players that outperform the Jolida under the 5K mark, and selecting one is simply a matter of sonic preference. The Audio Aero Prima is a phenomenal player, and in my experience it is superior to the Jolida in every regard, despite the benefits achieved with a tube upgrade. Others of note (search the archives here, as well): Resolution Audio Opus 21, Muse, Cary, Audio Note, Consonance, etc.

While some players do tend to sound more digital, there are others that certainly offer better resolution and dymamics than the Jolida, and yet still have a warm analog-like sound. Many of these happen to be, not coincidentally, tube players.
Readster - LOL. Nice when someone can just walk away. As noted, I have the RCA NOS 5751 (trip plate), but may be interested in seeing what another tube does. The RCA is really very good, but I am just curious. What have you tried (reasonable $ please) that sounded good?

I see some support for the Prima, but note that it is the result of repeat postings by the same 3 or 4 guys. According to some, it is x% (pick a high number) of the Capitole for 1/4 the price. Isn't hi end audio all about that diminishing returns curve anyway, where that 5% improvement may cost you 100% more money?

All this is subjective anyway, and I certainly don't want to start an argument. What floats your boat may not float mine. When I cannot hear somehting in my system without buying it first, then I have to look for some kind of consensus on these boards.

But would like to hear from others, if you are out there, about how the Prima compares to, say, a $3K player like the Ayre, or other price points such as those represented by Cary 200, etc.
Can the above responders include the North Star 192 DAC/transport in their evaluations? (It's close to $2K used)