JBL K2 - 5800 vs. 9800

Anyone been able to compare these two under similar conditions?
What electronis and how was the listeningroom?
What differ them, or are they closely related in part of high-quality reproduction?
Most concerns for roomfriendliness, when they are quite big for normal european livingrooms!

Thanks for looking!
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Inpieces -

Though I have not compared the 5800 to the 9800, the 9800 are phenomenal! Have you listened to the 9800s?

I am running a pair of the 9800s with the matching center, using a trio of Conrad Johnson Premier 8A tube amps, with a digital front end consisting of the Meridian 861/800.

One word, three letters describe thier performance:


Yes Dan, i've heard the 9800,
but not under very good conditions..
talking electronics and actual room for demo.
Though i felt a strong sense of potential was to be found in these speakers!
The body and the attack was totally different from most speakers i've heard!
Some opinion makers in this debate claimed they sounded like;
PA speakers, loudness - and some thought they sounded OK!
Though none seemed so impressed as i!?
I guess these comments are based upon the different (voicing)sound these beast was capable of!?
I have not encountered many speakers doing what these did good!
I pretty much fell for the body of instruments and the full breast-tone of voices!
Great drive/attack and true fullscale (no thin anemic sound) reproduction!
Though, i am still wondering about it's siebling,
- the 5800!?
Is it very close to 9800 in voicing and how it is balanced? Or does it offer another way of comming on with things!?
Also concerned of room friendliness!

Thanks for the input!