JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor: Opinions?

Any fellow 'goners who are familiar with them? I'm curious how they compare to Audioengine A2+ for nearfield listening/computer speakers.

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Hi Bob:
Thanks for the suggestion RE: Guitar Center, etc. I will do that asap.
I also appreciate the audiostream desktop speaker review link.

Yes, the LSR series is GREAT. No comparison to the A2+ though. If you have the room, go for the LSR's!!!
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I use the LSR308s (305s bigger brother) in a secondary system. They are really excellent, and make me easily forget my main system due to their musicality, bass extension, soundstage, midrange, etc. They sound much bigger than they actually are, and they do the disappearing and 3D thing to my very happy surprise. In fact, if you use them within their limitations, they will make you very happy as well.

I did find the need to to coat the interior back panel with a 70mil thick black FatMat sound deadener, along with the insides and the plastic tweeter waveguide (internally); well worth the effort and small cost, and it really made a nice difference for the better.
I do have room for larger desktop speakers and will eagerly research the LSR series.

The AE's are not bad small speakers. Imaging and detail is fine. However, my primary objection is that they sound rather "threadbare" to me, and I can't overlook that deficiency as I listen to them. I'm running Amarra SQ, and have tweaked the frequency response to fill the bass and lower midrange out a bit, and bring treble down a tad, in an attempt to make the AE's sound fuller.
I wonder why so many of these powered speakers like JBL and Emotiva have only XLR inputs. I thought RCA is industry standard, just about any amplifier has RCA and some might have XLRs but no rca at all..little discouraging from what I thought may be my next project if my dac doesnt sell.
Btw, the JBL 308 I heard in the store sounded pretty good, espcially considering their price and the fact that no amp needed.
Most of them have 1/4" phono plug inputs as well, but they are easily adapted to RCA. You can also use an RCA to XLR adapter I suppose. An RCA input would be convenient for sure, but this shouldn't be a showstopper...
I guess not but if i have a world class dac, a cheapo adaptor is the last thing I want to put in my system. Maybe they make some quality ones, I don't know....not sure about the rca - xlr adaptor, I thought rca and xlr do things differently...
Powered loudspeakers are typically intended for studio applications where XLR and phono plug input/output are the standards.
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I had intended to audition the JBLs but found that to be logistically more of a challenge than I first thought. When I saw a great deal on a pair of refurbished Audioengine A5+'s I grabbed 'em.

The A5+ are placed on my computer desk and after just a few minutes of listening, I'm enjoying the "larger" sound as compared to the A2+, which are also fine speakers IMO.

They provide the "fullness" that I was missing with the A2+. If I roll my chair back from the desk, my computer "rig" now becomes a quite decent second audio system when my wife is watching movies downstairs. :)

Next I'll need to find a decent DAC but even connected to the headphone jack on my MacPro, so far so good. I think the A5s are keepers.