JBL 4311B

I have an old but in great shape pair of JBL 4311B's that I am considering using is a current set up. My question is, would there be any issues or concerns that I should be aware of when using them with more modern equipment like say a Marantz PM-11? I do not want to damage my amp, but would like to try these speakers out in my main system for a while to see how they do. I would also like to know if anyone has ever changed out the old spring loaded speaker termials with say WBT's or Cardas binding post? If you have?, Then how do you access the teminals for removal? Speaker drivers are on good, and not coming off the cabinet when the screws are removed. Maybe some type of adhesive used on them in conjunction with the screws to secure them? Thank you for any advise that you may be able to offer.
There's absolutely no problem with using them with a modern amp, they'll be fine. For servicing of internals, and replacement of input connectors, you're correct in the sense that the woofer does come out . . . it's not glued per se, it's just REALLY stuck. The methods of pulling out the woofers without screwing up the cabinet are varied, but the common theme is lots of patience, lots of care.

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The woofer is not glued on, it just has been mated to the surface for so long under pressure that it appears to be glued on. If you have a rubber mallet, you can hit it around the edge of the frame, This may loosen it. Most people use a flathead screwdriver. I place a piece of tape over the flat part of the screwdriver so as not to scrath the cabinet. Place screwdriver at base of woofer frame and hit with a mallet/hammer. In other words, you are trying to pry the woofer free. This works 99% of the time. Best to lay the speaker horizontally when doing this, or the woofer will pop out unexpectedly. You will now have access to the input terminals for replacement.
I have some Original JBL 200 Studio Masters and they have the same spring type binding post..They do suck for sure.........I ended up taking off the caps and springs and went bare wire ( Paul Speltz Anti sp.cables ) ..The Anti cable sound great with the JBLs ..........