JBL 4311b vs B&W CDM 1NT as nearfield with Mc240

yes - kindova odd question..

but i'm trying to decide what to do with some of my gear.
i currently have a vintage mac setup (C11/MR71/MC240/Thorens TD124v1) sitting in my studio running into a pair of B&W CDM1NT (and the 400 sub) -
although i'm not terribly thrilled with it.

I also have a pair of JBL 4311b that have been in my theatre for the past year - and i'm considering moving the JBL to the studio- and selling the B&W to start funding new theatre speakers.

on one hand, i'm sure the JBLs will sound great - even if they are a bit dated, but i'm not sure the MC240 will push them properly... i also have a MC2105 - but i doubt that holds up to the 240... ugh.. decisions... any help?

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The 4311s are much more sensitive than the B&Ws and will be a great match. Having owned 4311s, two Mac 240s and B&W 805s, I would hazard a guess that the 4311s will be a much better match than the CDM1. YMMV.