Japan - Recommendations

Going to Japan next week and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations on what to shop for and where? It seems that cartridges and tonearms are safe bets because of the lack of voltage concern.Any other suggestions on gear or certain jazz or rock pressings? Places to go?

I would just stick with Sushi. If you buy it in Japan and break it in the US, you now have an international incident on your hands.
Japanese Jazz fusion Artists Casiopea's recordings sold is the US are generally very expensive - most good recordings are offered at $35 - $200/CD. Have a few that are very solid recordings/SQ. Wondering if they can be purchased in Japan at realistic prices.
Audio union for records and yodobashi camera in akihabara for cartridges, cables, and accessories. Lots of headphones too
Thanks everyone. I'm here now and will checkout both places. I think I'm going to stick with cartridges and records. Dynamic Audio 5555 has been suggested.
Dynamic audio is definitely awesome. The top floor has millions of $ in equipment and is quite impressive. The demeanor of the sales staff leaves something to be desired though as they are somewhat aloof. Could just be cultural though as it seems that way in most shops in Tokyo.