Isolation feet under diy rack

I'm about to start a diy wide rack project which will be quite heavy and I will appreciate some recs for isolation feet underneath. The rack will be placed on wooden floor. Thanks in advance to all repliers.
Looking at your very fine system begs the question: is there anything deficient in the rack system shown in your system description? Is a matter of organization/ergonomics or do the racks shown transmit too much floor vibration with their existing footers?
Thanks for the kind words.
The reason for trying to build another rack is that I want to move all electrnics but the monoblocks to the side and create a wider stage between the speakers.
My room side can't accomodate tall racks so I wanna build a wide lower rack.
Currently the racks are on the wooden floor with no isolation and I think I need some kind of isolation
I don't know where you are located, but I might be interested in buying one of your current racks when your new project is complete.
I have a low wide rack. The assembly sits on a wood floor. It's base starts with bearing type isolation, mine is Arios but Stliipoints would be better. Then I have a sandstone slab which the rack system sits on. You can see the whole breakdown under my system tab.
From what I've seen on the market, there aren't too many choices of footers (which purport to have anything in the way of isolation characteristics) that will support the kind of weight you're talking about. The Track Audio isolation feet are about the only thing I recall that say they both isolate and support the kind of load you're talking about. Otherwise, most rack footers look like they just change resonant characteristics rather than really isolate. Herbie's Audio may sell some footers that would work as well. You'd need to compute the load each footer would bear and contact them to see what they'd recommend.
You're most welcome as a guest but the racks are located in Israel...
I will research all recommendations posted here so far.
Thanks Icorem. You have a great looking system, and I am guessing great sounding also. If I am ever in Israel ...
Jadem6 is right, look at Stillpoints as well. I didn't realize their SS model can handle a thousand pound load per foot. A set of those should handle the heaviest of racks!
Check out Finite Element CERA line of feet. Haven't tried them myself, but I looked into them a while back for a similar project and they did look interesting.

Let us know what you decide and how it pans out.

For now I bought a set of 4 stillpoints ultra ss sold here on A'gon. The rack is still in its design stage and I think I'll go also for soundcare superspikes and have them tested one against the other once the rack is completed. I'll keep you posted...