Is your turntable spinning while you clamp down?

I just got back into vinyl and I bought an inexpensive KAB clamp. So far, so good, but putting and removing the clamp can be a pain. What is the proper method? Do I turn off the turntable, change the clamp, or is it ok to clamp down and partially stop the turntable from spinning while I do this? My turntable is belt driven and I am wondering what clamping while the turntable is spinning will do to the motor and/or the belt. Is it my clamp? Can someone help an analog newbie?
Do not clamp while the turntable is spinning. It will do nothing positive for your belt or motor.

Clamp before you turn the table on.
Hdm, so, clamp, turn on TT, play the music, turn off TT, take off clamp, put on next selection, clamp, turn on TT, etc...etc...etc...?
Agree, don't clamp while table is spinning. Not good for the motor and shortens belt life.
You've got it right, Matchstikman. Clamp, power up, play, power down, unclamp.
Yes, as above.
Ok, one more question, what does turning the TT on and off so much due to the motor? If anything, wear and tear to the on/off switch has to do something, right?
I'd be more worried about damaging a LP than the switch. It should be made for the on/off duty. As far as the motor, it'll likely last longer than you.
Don't listen to those people they don't know what they're talking about. You should NOT clamp the record while it is spinning.
Based on experience, it is safer with respect to the LP, to turn the tt off while mounting the LP and clamping it. If you slip slightly the spinning platter can push the LP into the tone arm or out of your hands onto the stand or floor. Happens rarely, but turning the tt reduces the consequences of the slip.
I don't know which turntable you have, but in general turning the motor on and off just can't be good for it. Why don't you replace the clamp with a stabilizer weight and save yourself the hassle. You can easily lift the stabilizer while your tt's spinning.

I do it both ways. Sometimes while it's on & sometimes whan it's off. Does not seem to have any effect whatsoever on the Teres motor.
My table's maker(sounds a little center-holier-than-thou)encouraged me to leave the platter turning while I changed records. I've been doing it for 17 years with no problems.
Hodie..what table do you have? I was also told that from Harry at VPI.....although I stop and unscrew.
Ok, now I am thoroughly confused.
Join the club. Part on the analog "experience"!