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Magneplanar 1.5 set screw --head broken off
Hold, please. I might have stumbled upon a fix. We'll see.Thanks kindly 
Magnepan .7 speakers and Sound Anchor stands
I don't see a stand specifically for the .7s on Sound Anchor's website. Did you order the ones for the MMG, which I presume would fit the mounting holes of the .7? 
Devotion to 2Ch/MC?
Oooh, I like the way you said that, Stehno. 
MIT 330 Series 2 anyone know its age?
I can't tell you how old yours are, but mine are at least seven years old, and I bought them used from someone else. 
Mute or pause whats "easier" on the gear?
Hey, Dweller, I always shift to neutral at lights (stick-shift), but I stay in the car. Ha,ha. 
Boring but still needed: which VHS VCR?
I bought an Emerson about a year-and-a-half ago. What a piece of doodoo. Admittedly, it cost less than $50, but it looks and feels like something you'd find in a cereal box. I looked for something more substantial, but had no luck. This thing work... 
VTL Stereo 50
I have to guess that the Stereo 50 is left and right channels in a single unit, whereas the 50/50 is a pair of monophonic units, each driving its own speaker. 
VTL Stereo 50
I don't know whether this will help you or not, but my VTL 50/50 monoblocks (circa 1986)came with British Gold Aero 6CA7/EL34's and 12AT7A/ECC81's—a pair of each for each side. For some reason,I never got a manual for them since they were demos. I... 
Tube cage on or off during use
Thanks for the Pearl Coolers tip, Listener57. I'll have to weigh my appreciation of nudes against heat-wicking covers. 
Tube cage on or off during use
Can't say for sure. I listen to my VTL's with the cages off, figuring the more air circulating around the tubes the longer they'll last. That's probably just one of many misconceptions I have about electronics. My bet is that it has no effect on t... 
Everything Bach ever wrote
For what it's worth, Dmurfet, I grew up hating operatic singing. Eventually I realized the voice is the instrument without peer. Still, the recorded voice just can't capture the live sound. Hmmm, maybe I need to spend more money on my system. 
Any Michael Buble fans here?
I'm afraid I have to demur at Bublé appreciation. I'm not really sure why, but I just don't like his singing. I can't quite put my finger on it. In my mind I've lumped him with Charlotte Church, chant CDs, the Four Windbags,country singers doing s... 
Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' on NPR...
Gosh, and I thought I was the only one. I used to listen to "Le Show" way back in the early 90s. Then, the local (conservative) university station that aired it apparently wised up to his politics and dropped him. Of course, thanks to Harry's much... 
Does a listening room help or hinder?
I can neither listen to music for comprehension while reading (unless it's a libretto), nor read anything weighty while trying to listen critically to music. I guess some of us can do it, probably somebody who can play the pipe organ. I'm afraid I... 
An observation about "Modern" classical music.
Good one, Aceto.I wonder, Eldartford, whether that was an appreciative silence, or a stunned, Is that it? silence. Isn't it funny that much music composed seventy, eighty ago is still called modern. I love the idea of an orchestral piece causing a...