Is very good DAC a waste with Sonos Connect?

I've just recently hooked up a Sonos Connect in my main rig, and have been quite enjoying it. My current DAC is an M2Tech Evo (without any of the outboard frills.

My question: As I'll be using the Connect to stream lossless files from a Mac Mini (and to listen to music using Deezer (which offers CD-quality streams)), would it be a waste to get a better DAC? Suppose, for example, I were to get a Berkeley Alpha DAC, which can be had used for a bit less than $2k. Would the Sonos be pumping out bits that would make that a foolish purchase, or would I hear the difference? Thinking higher still, if I were to hook up a PS Audio DirectStream DAC, would I be getting at least something of what that device offers, or would the Sonos Connect be, effectively, a roadblock?

Thanks for any help you might be able to give a boy on this.

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I have a Sonos Connect with a Parasound Zdac and am very happy with the combination. I believe the Sonos is limited beyond this unless you get the Empirical or Wyred mods...
If you get a better Dac it will sound better. That said to get the most out of it the W4S Sonos mod, or the Empirical products will allow you to really get the most out of it.

FWIW I have a W4S modded Sonos feeding my Devialet 200, I also have an Auralic Aries with the 200.. on 16/44 material the Sonos is Very, very close to the Aries..
No, good DAC is not a waste with Sonos. Only the old high-end DAC is waste of money. DAC is electronic technology and gets better daily.
I also have a Sonos With Zdac and they makes wonderful music. My next upgrade will be the Zdac v2 for $500.00 if necessay at all.
It provides asynchronous sample rate conversion of all inputs, which are re-clocked and up-sampled to 422-kHz/24-bit
Perhaps focus less on technology and more on sound quality? To wit my Sonos feeds a decidedly low-tech Yamamoto YDA-1 dac with to me really stunning results. So yes a dac will improve your Sonos just don't necessarily buy by specs or numbers.
No. I recently heard some very good results from an old squeeze-box into a high end very heavily upgraded DAC - its so good it took out a DCS in a comparison. The real difference maker was this really good SPDIF cable from Keith Eichmann:

It was nearly as good as a high end USB setup.

The Berkeley will make it sing!