Is this possible ....

For listening to music - I have the following:
- Ayre Evolution CD Player
- Audio Research LS 25 mk II Pre-amplifier
- Pass Labs 250.8 Amplifier
- Aerial 10T front speakers.

For TV 
- Aerial Center Channel
- Mirage back Speakers 

I want to buy an AVR that I can use to send signal to all 5 speakers ....
The center channel and back speakers are easy..... but 
How do I sent signal to front Aerial 10T speakers without changing cables ?
The Aerial 10T front speakers are connected to the Pass Labs amplifier which gets its input from the Audio Research Pre-amplifier.

Can I buy an AVR and use it's front speaker pre-out to pass the front speaker signal to the 
Audio Research Preamp -> Pass Labs Amp -> Aerial 10T front speakers ?

I understand that if this were to work that I will need to change input setting on the Pre-amplifier between CD player and some Aux input.

The Audio Research LS25 manual says you can use the processor rear input and front toggle switch to engage HT bypass mode, so that’d be the way to connect your AVR’s regular left/right pre-amp analog outputs to the LS25.
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The cat has the correct approach for you. :)

Thank you very much !!!
I really appreciate your help !