Is there such a thing as tube sound in a ss?

I have Martin Logan Aerius i speakers, Classe Cp35 pre, Classe CA100 amp and Meridian 588 CD. I am auditioning an ARC LS17 and the ARC VS110. I love the deep and tight bass the VS110 gives me but it does not have the clarity i love from the MLs. I hooked up my Classe amp to the LS17 pre and the clarity is there but the bass is loose and undefined. Is there an SS amp that will give me that nice deep tight, defined bass the VS110 gave me but along with the clarity?
There is no such thing as "SS" or "Tube" sound. It is simply the character of an amplifier. You get "warm & fuzzy" SS amps and "Bright" tube amps as well.

Some terms are misleading.

Your description is also a bit odd. You say you get "undefined" bass with the Classe amp but "deep tight bass" with the ARC amp? I would say its the other way round. Usually tube amps have a hard time controlling woofers during lush bass passages. This might make them sound "warm and fat".

The Classe amp could have better control over the ML speakers woofers and thus cause them to sound a bit "thin". This is simply that the bass is not as "loose" as with the tube amp. The Classe amp also might be overall bright in the treble regions.

Try auditioning a hybrid power amp or a tube pre-amp with the Classe power amp.
The Atma-sphere website has some interesting white papers on different amperage paradigms. From everything I have learned from a variety of places and experiences, I would suggest that certain things are easier with tubes than SS and vice versa, depending on what you trying to accomplish.

The best 'solid state' amp I've ever heard with MLs was actually a hybrid/FET-based amp - Counterpoint NPMs. Don't know what it is but FETs do quite well with MLs.
IMHO, my Simaudio i7 integrated brings some tubeness to the table. It's got a touch of that warmth but with the control of solid state.

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I would take the two gentlemen posting above seriously. In my opinion they know exactly what they are talking about and have saved me a lot of words to respond (:
Happy hunting for the sound you wish for,
Some say that certain "digital" amps have a tube-like sound. With a digital amp the characteristics of the amplification devices, be they tubes or transistors, are out of the picture, and the sound will depend on the amplification algorithm. This makes it possible to create sound to order.
I don't know what advertising genius ever got the words "digital amp" and "tube-like" in the same sentence. My experience is that digital amps have a unique sound, but are not at all tube-like. My Wyred 4 Sound certainly does not sound as good as (for example) the McIntosh tube amps I have demo'd. That said, the Wyred 4 Sound costs a lot less to purchase and maintain and never threatens to blow up when it is turned on.
hi alremc:

i have auditioned many solid state amps and have visited ces many times.

i have never heard a tube sound from a solid state amp.

however, it is helpful to define "tube sound", as definitions may differ among serious listeners.
Do you mean AUDIO RESEARCH REF 110?
The VS110 is an out of production model and not even as good as the older VT series, imo. My oldish VT100 amp has great midrange detail with the right CD player (I use Krell KAV-300). It gives a good balance of detail and musical energy - very suductive and fun to listen to.

The newer REF 110 is really a hybird design and some have suggested it sounds more SS than tube, but I have yet to demo one- hope to soon.

No offense - but you might want to ditch the ML's- i find them to lose allot of detail at any normal listing levels.
Mcondon...The CarverPro ZR1600 amp (I have three of them) was described as "tube-like" by various reviewers when it came out some years ago. The ZR1600 uses the TriPath module, which audiophiles are not faniliar with. (It's all ICE and sometimes Hypex).
GREAT feedback from all and thank you!!! Quite surprisingly I get "undefined" bass with the Classe amp but "deep tight bass" with the ARC amp. I also thought it would be the Classe that would give me the bass but it was the ARC that had the "tight" bass drum and low bass guitar and the Classe was not as deep and the bass drum sounded fat. I could be describing a 'thin' sound from Classe. And you’re correct MrTennis on each definition of "tube" sound. The tubes I have auditioned had what I describe as tight control of the bass and mids but were soft on the highs. Certain passages in the music sounded as it had moved to the background and in the front as it should be. Now that is my interpretation of the tubes I have heard. And 6550c, no offense taken, some have suggested going to Maggies to eliminate the crossover that might play a role in not giving me the sound I want but I don’t want to have to think about a sub for them. My music is a mix of new age, jazz, contemporary and some pop, so you can see that I want some deepness to the bass. Again, thanks to all! The search continues with you all’s help!
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I'd hope it is not a 845 tube.

TNT 845 from Shuguang.
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