Is there such a thing as a bluetooth receiver w/ usb output?

I want to connect my phone to my Schiit Modi3 DAC. The coaxial and optical inputs are being used by other sources, and there is a Micro USB input left.
I was thinking of getting a micro USB to micro USB cable for use with my Android phone to the DAC to use the available micro USB input on the DAC.
Then I got thinking and wondering, is there is such a thing as a Bluetooth receiver to pair the phone to that has a USB output to take advantage of the Modi3's excellent sound.
You need an OTG cable, "On the Go".  These are under $10 on Amazon for Android phones.  Good luck with Apple...
I just bought one.  Much easier than buying another box.  Also, the signal quality should be better using a cable vs bluetooth.
I was going to get a 24" long or so micro USB to micro USB cable, but thought I'd see if Bluetooth receiver is available with USB output. You must think it's not available since you recommend a cable. I'll see if there are other responses before I order cable.
The problem I see is bluetooth is an analogue signal.  I'm not sure if that's viable???
Many of the newer Android phones don’t even need an OTG cable -- a simple USB to USB cable works fine. At least it does with my LG V20, now about 3 years old.

I've had good results using the app "USB Audio Player Pro," which I had to pay a few bucks for. This makes sure the full resolution on your phone gets to the DAC. (However, if you were considering Bluetooth, high-res may not matter to you.)
Not sure the difference between OTG and USB cable. My phone has micro USB connection and is 3 years old. What is the difference? High res is better if possible. Thinking of just jazz radio stations to start with.
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7.  I usually stream Tidal and the sound is very good.  A lot depends on your DAC and the source.  For streaming I love
OTG ("on the go") is a special type of USB cable, needed for some devices to output signals through the USB connection. For example, I needed one with an older tablet I wanted to use as a source (running a player program on the tablet). My newer phone can use a plain old USB cable for the same purpose.