Is it time for new Zu?

So you like the Def IVs?  Hurricane Sandy, with all the electric surges, killed one of my Def 1.5 amps-- Perfect rationale to explore updating or fixing the blown amp. I was going to post, but reading your( as usual) eloquent listening experiences with the Def IVs is giving me more than a mere itch. Were (I downloaded the manual) the speakers hard to tune? After living with these babies for a year, do you have any new info about the IVs? You were my inspiration for the 1.5s, so I’m beholding. Having a wonderful SET amp and pre with NOS tubes will bring out the best in the IVs. Now all I have to do is convince my wife. This is going to be a very difficult sell for me waiting on delivery of an (much harder sell) environmentally unfriendly naturally aspirated 8 cylinder….ooh I get the chills, but let’s stay with audio..
Sean Casey helped me over the edge. It was a tough sell. He needed almost 5 minutes.
Def 4s it be.
I'd still love to hear any Def 4 thoughts, or the like...
Why the double post?
dual personality disorder. It happens all the time.
dual personality disorder. It happens all the time.. :)
Deja Vu or is it Deja Zu all over again. Tom

indeed...we'll talk...i'm hitting the sack...'night