Is any of this worth keeping or trying to sell?

My parents own a rental house and had an audiophile as their tenant for a while. When he left, he left several items behind. I wonder if any of the more seasoned experts on here have any idea whether a box of miscellaneous items I recovered is of any value or should merely make its way to the curb.
The items I found are:
A spool of Van Den Hul digital interconnect cable
A Naim 5-4 pin cable
A Naim 5 pin-FireWire cable
Some Monster cable (RCA), varying lengths and gauges
An RTI remote, in the box with manuals
A Linn Sekrit (just one) in its box.
Some Linn Aktiv cards (marked Ekwal)
Some Bose Personal Music Center II remotes
A Bel Canto Homre Theater Master touchscreen remote

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Auction/Sell it as a LOT on ebay.

No idea of the value. Let the market decide.
I think it would be worth checking out the Naim and Linn stuff. The Naim cables are worth a little bit (around $80). I don't know Linn, but it might be worth quite a bit more than that.
I will be right over to provide you 'an offer you cannot refuse.'
The RTI remote, depending on the model may be worth something. I would google it before I sold it cheap in a lot sale.
Just out of curiosity, I checked out the Bel Canto remote, and it looks like a new one recently sold for close to $200. I'd do the research and sell piece by piece.
Thanks for your assistance. I'll likely separate the lot into components and start auctioning it off. I'd rather use Audiogon than eBay, though.