Trying 5 IC's from Cable Pro: Any Quirks W/ These

Hello all: Finally uncovered lack of bass problem in my system: my dealer replaced the amp on one of my speakers after I took it in 2nd time. Bass has improved. Now I'm going to try IC's Cable Pro. Will be trying 5 IC's: JPS Superconductor 2, Synergistic Kaliedecope Phase 2, Cardas Neutral Ref, Wireworld Eclipse 5, and MIT s3i Shotgun. The Chimera Advantage II I have now are crystal clear smooth and detailed but are known to lack some in low end impact. Trying to find cables with bass impact but smooth mids and crystal clear highs. Do you know of any quirks or anomalies with any of the cables I'm trying from Cable Pro? Of course they'll all be burned in and will just need settling in time. Thanks
Source: Simaudio Nova/Chimera Labs Advantage II IC's(Flavor 4 PC); McIntosh MA6900 Integrated (JPS AC+ PC); Definitive Technology BP 7002 speakers (Analysis Plus Oval 9 cable) HSU VTF2 mk2 sub. FIM AC outlets/ Shunyata Hydra 4 w/ Shunyata Copperhead PC (to Nova only)