Is a HO MC cartridge a good choice for me?

I am in the midst of purchasing a Rega P5 w/PSU from a local dealer who has been generous of his time in letting me listen, and equally generous with his advice - and discounts.

I have heard the TT with the Rega Exact 2 and the Benz Micro Ace (H)..... the dealer is really pushing the Benz. I'm concerned since I've never had a MC before - or even a high end TT and I really want a set it and forget it front end. I'm concerned about having to demagnetize periodically - how often? The dealer has told me he will lend the demagnetizer at no charge, but it all seems a bit "tweaky" to me.

Can anyone advise? BTW my Receiver's phono stage has a 2.5 mv sensitivity so the HO is the only MC choice.

Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thank you for helping out an aged "newbie"......
You can always acquire a decent transformer moving coil step up unit. K & K Audio sells such transformers, they are quite good, and they are modestly priced. So, you can use lo output should you desire at a cost of about 300 total for the tranny.
SME312 tonearm and the combo works well.

A Sumiko Blackbird would be a good choice for a very fine highoutput moving coil cartridge but they are about 700; the Shelter is less and is a better cartridge.
I second the K&K audio stepup for a low output MC cart, but the Benz in not a bad choice especially if the dealer will do the setup for you.
I prefer low output MC cartridge as all High output MCs that I have heard seem bright. I would never demagnetize a cartridge BTW.
Don't demagnetize the cartridge. Many recommend against it. There is a thread here on Audiogon that goes through this in more detail. I sat in on a lecture by Wally Malewicz (Wally Tools) at RAMF and he recommended no demagnetization at all, not even passive.

If you want to go low output MC I also recommend the K&K step-up having just bought one for my medium output Benz M2. Kevin Carter is very helpful and will recommend the proper step-up ratio and gain based on your set-up. He'll also build it for you for a modest fee (this is a kit).