iPad Alternative

I'm considering an iPad purchase so I can control music selection on my Modwright Transporter using either the iPeng or Squeezepad app.

Are there any other tablets available that can do the same?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.
get an Itouch
Get a Xoom, it's open architecture.

there is no competition to the ipad 1 let alone the ipad 2. the galaxy and xoom are all 2nd best at best. the galaxy is far far away from the ipad 1. if you compare who has the most remote apps for the tablets, the ipad is the most well received by 3rd parties like savant, control4, creston, etc...
these companies have written ipad apps to control their systems.

i also use my iphone to control my itunes anywhere in the house. i use my ipad more than my imac every day. plus there are other things the ipad can do like vnc to other macs/pcs, control your whole house, and all my audio subscriptions are cheaper when using the ipad. my hifi+ subscription is only $24 compared to $12 an issue. check out zinio and nextscreen for online subscriptions.