lenco idler alternatives - Japanese?

while there are a few Lenco's floating around Japan, finding one could take some time. Any other alternatives, Japanese brands?

Garrards are not that hard to come by but kind of expensive $3K+ to considerably more for the Shindo refurb.

Seems the Lenco DIY became to popular and now hard to find. Even importing one.

The home despot thread is already ridiculously long so did not want to add. Since takes long enough to fwd to latest post as it is.
i'm pretty sure jean of the lenco thread likes the vintage sony 2250 (i think is the designation) direct drive servo-controlled table. that might be one that is to be found relatively inexpensively. jean would surely give you some tips on how to optomize it. might be a reasonable stop-gap solution while you continue your search.
Hi Spinitch, Lencos are very common and still cheap in Britain and Europe, if Japan uses the same cycles for electricty then it should not be a problem at all to buy one on eBay and have it shippped. But it is a DIY project if you want it done cheap, whereas the Shindo Labs is totally re-done for you with plinth and everything (still expensive considering).

Of all the non-idler-wheel drives I have tried the Sony 2250 DD indeed comes closest to the Lenco, contrary to common wisdom (as with the Lenco and idler-wheels, though this is finally changing), I find the servo-controlled circuits for DDs superior to the quartz-locking variety, which is very audible as a dryness and grain and constriction in the mid-to-upper frequencies. The Sony on the other hand has superb speed stability when compared to any belt-drive and is liquid and musical. It is beautifully-built, can be popped into a special plinth as it imitates the Garrard 401 quite closely in looks/style and build quality and is a "turntable unit", meaning in and of itself it comes with no tonearm - like the 401 - so you can build a plinth (or have one built for you) and install any arm you like. These are, again like the Lenco not so long ago, not considered serious turntables so can be had cheap.