inwall speakers

My boss has a 12x16x8h dedicated home theater. He needs new speakers but does not want floor standing models. The rooms is used alot, including guitar hero concerts(son), company parties where we watch hockey, football, UFC. What are the best in wallspeakers for under a grand. Plenty of drunk contractors and employees(me) stumbling arround.


PS this is my boss, Anything that makes me look good helps. I'm thinking of asking for a raise soon.
Paradigm make good in walls everything from cheap to pretty good quality with the SA-35 (around $1500 a pair)
PSB as well as Paradigm. Good value and sound for the money. PSB is based close to where I live. There are a lot of PSB in wall speakers in builder's model homes around here. Home theatre rooms, often as finished rooms in the basement, are starting to appear as builder upgrades in new homes.
I looked at a lot of different inwalls and I thought B & W were by far the best sounding. They have models from about $300/pair on up.
If you boss cares for sound quality, on-wall speakers are much better than in-wall.
I have found RBH to be excellent in-walls. Go to

If your boss fires you, I'll take them off your hands.
If still available, JM Labs Utopia in-walls from e-speakers dot com are really nice...
I have a pair of Kef Q in-walls that were made for moisture areas, in this case me bathroom, and I like them.
Thanks guys, this will give me a good place to start.