Inwall Speaker to match Revel Performa M20 & C30

Building a 7.1 HTS.
Fronts are REVEL PERFORMA M20 & C30.
Due to room decor limitations must use inwall speakers for the side and rear surround speakers.
Room is 22' x 22'.
To date REVEL does not offer inwall speakers in their line.
Looking for inwall speakers which will best approximate the sound charateristics of above REVEL speakers (timber etc' etc').

Looking for a knowledgable input regarding possible speaker brand/model that I can consider for this project.

Thank you for your helpfull input and advise.
I'm not familiar with the sound of the Revels, but I know of very uncolored small speakers that sound neutral, sparkling and exciting, with timbre similar to the great old JBL Hartsfield and Paragon speakers, which would cost about 8-10 thousand dollars a pair today. They are small Helix brand coax car speakers, for less than $150 a pair, available from The Autophile web site. I put a pair in very small wall-mounted boxes (so they would work in the walls as well), and was astonished by how closely they matched the coloration of my great big left and right front-channel speakers.
Thiel or B&W both have in-walls that are superior to the "Home installation" type speakers you typically find contractors putting in.
I have the same fronts + a B15 sub. Genesis Audio in CA did the installation and they used Sonnace rears in the ceiling (10' high). Sounds amazing. Don't recall the model number but I believe they were somewhere around $2K for the pair.
Look at the Revel website. They are coming out with compatible inwalls.
Thank you guys for your input.
Let me respond to the responses.

LOOIE: the HELICS car speakers may have the neutral coloration but do not have the power in a 22'x22' --volume ceiling room. Different league - but good heretic try.

BUNDY: THIEL and B&W do have great inwall speakers but the timbre is entirely different from REVEL. Not only do these companies compete but their speakers hate each other. It is like mixing oil and vinegar

SMR NB: SONANCE has a veriety of inwalls which are the installers favourites - price being a big factor. They can be bought way under the price you are indicating. To my ears I prefer TRIADs (Gold) which are more expenssive but am looking for better sound yet and closer to the REVEL shelf speaker sound (defenition, clarity, presence etc').

KSALES: The REVEL inwalls I20 & I30 have been coming...and coming...and coming.... since Sept '03. So far no dice, no luck, no speakers - gave up on waiting - hence the search.
If you need them now then I would look at either the B&Ws or Sonance since Revels tend to be closer in sonic character to the B&Ws. I am actually running a system with high end sonances for surrounds matched with revel M20 c30 mains in a den. However I think the B&Ws might be a better match. On another direction James has some big awesome inwalls that might do quite well for a higher price.