Revelation audio labs

Anybody purchase any cables from the above ? My regular distributor purchased a few cables on my urging to replace the umblical cord of my MSB diamond & my phono PSU .
After 2-3 months no sight of cable . After some pushing , the distributor was sent a tracking nos from USPS but no cables in sight? Anybody experience similar prob ?
There is plenty of info on the internet detailing the exact same issues with this company. I had a bad experience with him also. His cables sound very good, but he is a PITA to deal with as well as an out and out liar. If he still does things the same way, it is not actually a tracking number that he provides. It is a notification that a shipping transaction has been initiated. You will get several of those over the next month or so before the cables ship. The guy should be out of business.
Yes. It took some constant badgering. He could be very busy.
I thk my friend who is the distributor is initiating refund thru PayPal or credit card chargeback . More than 4 months & no sight . He cheating way should be clearly posted in all forums
Yea, I have had dealings with Brad... Owner of Revelation Audio Labs. He started out OK, years back.He makes some decent cables for the money . Then something changed,for the bad ... to the worst. Started taking orders and NOT deliver product when promised . Pissed off alot of people. I finally have to threaten him... all most a year wait for a headphone cable. We now have a better understanding ... It's called : C.O.D. Payment is made only after cables are in my hands.
You might have to get Guido to visit him...
My friend finally got his cables - quite a few , after few months of empty promises . COD is the only way to deal with RAL
Had ordered an umbilical cable to put between my Sota Cosmos and the PS. Waited nearly 8 months before the cable arrived. That was around 2007.
Seems that nothing's changed with RAL since then. Has never ordered another cable from him and will never do. Too many cable companies out there that ships within 48hrs after your order is placed. No reason to use a company like RAL regardless how good their cables are.
Stay away from RAL!!!!!
Time to Kick butt on this guy he is a turkey!!

Does anyone know if Brad from Revelation Audio is still in business? An audio buddy of mine ordered some cables from him some time ago but he is unable to get in contact with him about anything.

Thanks and any news you have would be great. I'm trying to help out a friend.

Yes, apparently RAL is still making [some] cables.

I ordered a Passage umbilical cord for my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and communicated with Brad via email. I prepaid via paypal. Brad WAS responsive via email, but when I tried to call RAL to ensure they received the payment, I discovered that their phone was not in service, which was a little concerning..

However, Brad stayed in touch via email, and after a short delay last week, I received the cord today.

Can't post anything about the sound yet as I have just had it in the system for a few hours.

I read some of the negative posts on various fora over the last few years while I was waiting for my cable for the last 2 weeks; I may not have ordered had I known of the troubles folks expressed getting their cables after payment.

BUT.. the cable looks well made and I'm hoping it will be the nice upgrade it's supposed to be. Not sure I would want to pre-pay thousands of dollars for power cords, speaker cables, etc. after reading of bad experiences, but for the single cable it was obviously less financial risk.

I saw on one board that a guy said there is a best method to deal with potential situations of non-delivery... That method is called COD.

Hi Keith

Thanks for the prompt and detailed response. I will relay to my buddy. He still hasn't heard from Brad though.
After reading pretty negative reviews of Revelation Audio’s customer service and pretty positive reviews of cable performance, I decided that AMEX would always bail me out.

I placed an order for the HDMI I2S and hoped for the best. As others reported, the initial communication was very good. However, after order placement and beyond a promise to “ship the cable next week” nothing happened. 
A month went by and I contacted AMEX and they immediately credited my account. With a shrug I continued to search for another cable source.
About two months after the initial order, a box arrived with a purple velvet bag inside containing my cable. Bemused, I connected the cable and proceeded to let it settle in for a week. 
Upon listening a week later I was impressed at the improved soundstage and authoritative low end response. The cable was very good, in fact the best I2s cable I had tried out from a half a dozen others. 
Having been refunded my payment about a month earlier, I was wondering what to do when I received an email from Brad asking if I liked the cable to resend payment. 
I contacted AMEX to reinstate the charge and mused about Revelation Audio’s unique customer service methodology.

Anyone else get lucky?
Apparently it’s like being pregnant. It takes nine months no matter how badly you want it. My dealings with Brad have been quite pleasant and he is the owner of my Nirvana dual layer mass-on-spring iso stand. 
Well Well ,
        Brad a name I would prefer to forget.I ordered a complete set of his cords for my Nu Vista a few years back including power chord. He was so fast to respond at first ,then I payed him .
        Weeks passed ,emails of his kids and family blah blah. A month passed and I had not received a tracking order, emails dwindled and calls went to no voicemail.Luckily I am from Florida but currently residing in California .When I explained my flying in to visit or having my friends stop by for an audio audition. miraculiously my cables shipped.This was in the range of a three month span.
        I honestly wanted to throw them in my wood stove upon receiving them.As for quality ? they are well made retailing at like 1400 for the set. I payed no where near that which instantly made me think he needed money to finish someones previous set.. I might add he approached me after reading I was running a nu vista amp with remote power supply.
        A few weeks passed I burned them in I guess ,He wrote me to ask how I liked them ,I did not respond, although they were a definite upgrade.
        Another red flag to me was he asked about my a/c length , I explained it may increase from 2ft to maybe 6ft over changes being made .His response there is no additional charge for 4 more ft !
       I wouldn't call bs on his product but his "build it in the garage and ship it when the next guy pays me sucked"
      I would avoid him ,to be blunt ....

       Also hello everyone ,I have been off agon for awhile ,my son just turned two lol . I am still rocking in a dedicated room ,my ht room is mostly for frosty the snowman and dory lately