Looking for revel b15a - do i wait for new revel

I presently have F32 fronts, C32 center and S32 rears. I'm running it with the high end denon receiver. Seems to sound fine but really want to add subwoofer - I really want the b15a sub but they seem hard to find. Do I wait for the new revel sub instead of the b15a? I really think that I would be more than happy with the b15a and would rather buy it used to save the money than buying new. Any thoughts or opinions? Does anyone have any ideas of a source where I could locate one?

Your feedback would be appreciated. Tks!
I have owned my B15 for almost a year and could not be happier. In the last 14 months or so, I bought a pair of Paradigm Servo 15a's, a Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature and a Revel B15. Let's put it this way, I no longer own the Servo 15a's or the Sunfire even though they are great performers. The B15 is just in another league.

There is a cherry Revel B15 for sale here on Audiogon.


The Revel B15 and B15a subwoofers are, hands down stunningly spectacular subs. If you can pickup a used one, by all means, they are worth every penny. I own a B15 and can tell you that I have never, ever been itching to upgrade that sub.

The new Revels subs that are forthcoming are going to be up there as far as pricing and will top out at $10,000 with the Rhythm 2 that pairs with the Ultima2 Line. I believe that that model that would be on line with the former B15 series will be starting at around $4,000. Given that you can likely get a used B15 or 15a for somewhere around $1,500 at the low end to $2,500 you are probably going to get more 'value' used at this point.

It certainly appears that the new Revel subs have really taken things yet again to a new level; so as anything in the audiophile realm, you will need to put a value tag on all that to see what makes sense to you personally.

I have the F32,C32 & M22 in my system and am using a Velodyne DD12. I have been very happy with the integration with the Revels. I originally had a Paradigm Servo 15, and I feel the flexibility of the DD series gives me the HT as well as musical needs for my ears. But the dealer had the B15 and I was very impressed with it as well. He used it for a few years, but I think he sold it. He may still have it, audioalternative.com, it might be worth an e-mail or a phone call.
The cherry Revel sub Willand pointed out is a B15 and not a B15a. The person doing the listing has it wrong.

The B15 has the characteristic feet (which that auction has) and the B15a does not have the three feet on it. The back panel is also distinguished more in its layout and lines and groupings than the original B15.

So if you are interested in that cherry sub, it's an older B15 and not the more recent B15a. The auction listing is incorrect.
I knew it was a Revel B15 because of the cast aluminum feet. I can't understand why Revel decided to eliminate them with the introduction of the B15a. The back panel on the B15a is more user friendly but functionality is still about the same with the exception of a contour toggle switch, 12v triggers, and and EQ all switch..

Thanks for your feedback. I've never heard or seen a bad thing said about the b15 or b15a. My preference is the b15a over the b15 because of the easier use of the back panel. I called revel and also a revel dealer and didn't as much info on the new subwoofers as I wanted to. I'll probably call back Revel and try finding someone else with more knowledge and specifics on the new subs. In the meantime, if any one knows of a b15a out there for sale I would be interested. I prefer black since my speakers are black. Theo, Tks for the lead on the sub, I will follow up on that one.
If you have a receiver or pre-pro with room correction the back panel becomes irrelevant. That's why Revel has dropped all EQ from the newest subs. I now never use the EQ on my B15 after an upgraded pre-pro.
Dropped all EQ from their newest subs? Tain't so. See this from CES:
Clarification: I was talking about the back panel proper with the manual EQ dials that used to be there. EQ is now outboard and is not the 3-band (manual) parametric EQ. Thanks for the clarification Kal! After doing it old school for years with the Revel CD, meters, and software, it's a nice thing to have all that stuff automated without manual dials.
Even more interesting is that this same sophisticated EQ is also included in the less expensive Performa subs.
I had heard an interview with Kevin Voecks last year (don't recall if it was from 2011, but I think so) where he was on a panel discussing bass response and EQ and he was talking about sub design. He spoke incredibly favorably about EQ in the lower frequencies as well as taking advantage of the bass boost you get with room boundaries. It doesn't necessarily surprise me that Revel has standardized the same EQ across the line. This way, they have a single software platform and the end user can choose the sub that best meets their needs. Plus, I wouldn't consider any of the subs in either the Performa or Ultima line as low end. :-)
I have a B15 I would like to sell. It's black Some small scratches on the front top, otherwise perfect. I don't know how to tell if it's a B15a, or a B15. I love it but need to replace my truck engine and am short on cash. Please let me know if you are still interested.
My office # 253 851 9960
I have a B15a I would consider selling - where are you located? Shipping can be challenging.