Best monoblocks around 3-4k used for revel studios

hello have begun the search for the monoblock with the power and finesse to drive these speakers.
tube and solid state options are both solicited here.
Power,grace and precision.When you are ready for the ultimate in amplification look no further.3999$ a pair new.
Solid build,wonderful sound ,customer service second to none.I drive Aerials with authority.
Hope that helps
H2O can power any speaker to what ever level you want to take it, without ever loosing it's composure.
you may peak onto and find Melos 400W monos within your budget.
they're realy great.
I would definately look into the sonic frontiers power 3 (regular or SE) model. I love their stuff.
Jungson JA-50 pure class A momoblocks rated at 80 watts rms are a steal at $2500 a pair from They will drive your studios with ease. I have a pair driving VSA VR5 HSE and they are as close to a tube amp in ss that I have heard.
Built like a tank.
Have seen Rowland model 7's listed in that price range. Great sounding and beautiful to look at.
I have Salons, as does a close friend of mine, so I think our experiences will be valuable with regard to the very similar Studios.

The Power 3's do sound excellent with Salons. My friend ran this combo for a little over a year. Kal Rubinson of Stereophile runs Power 3's with Studios as his reference.

I also ran Rowland Model 6 monoblocks on my Salons for a brief period of time -- excellent synergy and very refined, natural sound with excellent dynamics.

Both the Power 3's and Rowland 6's are $3,500-$4,000 used, and both were over $10k when new. Power 3's produce a lot of heat. Rowland Model 6's are compact and, by hi-fi gear standards, very attractive.

The Salons and Studios require an amp that can produce current, so my advice is to stay solid-state.

Good luck
How about Sim Audio W6. 425 Watts and should be under 4 grand used.
I should have pointed out the S-H2O costs, new, $2.5k

There are three user reviews at the H2O site that might be of interest to you:
You'll have to consider the VTL 450's but they might be just a bit more $$... Intense, dynamic,robust but eloquent, and reliable... they are awesome amps. A good pair will probably run you near half of their $10k list. Well worth a listen.
What is the advantage of the mono iceh2o amps over the stereo h2o and has anyone tried them on anything other than Apogee speakers?
The specs are the same on the stereo model, I'm thinking there is not much difference between it and the monos.
Drop that question to Henry Ho. I have H2O Signature monos, so I couldn't say. That model will be on the H2O site soon.

Check this out:
Rowland Model 201s or the H2Os. These new amp designs are quite wonderful.
2nd the VTL 450 signature
I will go for Stratos Extreme Monoblock Oddyssey.
Make certain to look into the H2o amps by Henry Ho. I am not certain how power hungry the Revel Studios are, the stereo h2o retails for $2,500 new and has a trial period. If you need power, look into the monoblocks or the Signature monoblocks. There are not much short of revelatory.
don't thinking about it, just get the Halo JC1 monos and you will love it, nuff said......
i have heard the rowlands make a great match with revel studios.
any thoughts from anyone out there on which model is a good match?
also, how about BAT?
I use Bryston 7B-SST with Salons (4K new last year)
I used Sonic Frontiers Power 3s to run my Revel Salons for over a year. They are well suited to driving this speaker. I also had the opportunity to hear my friend's Rowland Model 6 monoblocks with my Salons when he brought them to my house one weekend. They also paired very well with the Salons and offered a sound that was amazingly similar to the sound of my Power 3s. My friend was in need of money and sold his Rowland Model 6 amps to Jonathan Tinn (Jtinn) about a month ago. I believe Jonathan is still offering the amps for sale:

Chambers Audio web site - pre-owned equipment

I can vouch for that particular pair of amps, as I heard them about a month before my friend sold them to Jonathan.

I should also mention that I have no affiliation with Jonathan or Chambers Audio other than having been a customer.
MacIntosh MC-501, 500 Watts per, Stereophile rated Class A (best performance regardless of cost)and only $4,000 new. McIntosh gear will last you a lifetime and survice and support will nerver disappear.
Jsut to clarify, MC-501s are $8,000 for a pair.
Parasound Halo JC1. Product of the yeare in 2003. You will love it, good luck