Interesting review on new subwoofer technology

I found this review of a new subwoofer technology to be very interesting. If only I could afford it. Anyone else tried this subwoofer system yet?
Sorry, here's the start of the review:
I've heard the Thigpen Rotary Woofer at RMAF 2005, and it's a HUM-dinger. I wish I had $25K lying about, because I HAVE the space for the system.

Oh well.
Yes, Jeffrey, I read your thread back in October when you mentioned seeing the unit at the Rockey Mt. Fest. I've always read and respected J. Peter Moncrieff's reviews and this subwoofer has totally enthralled him. It is definitely on my wish list, but I'll need to upgrade my room size to accommodate it.
Sherod, what I'd LOVE to have is a SW system that would give me the feeling that the submarine's walls are indeed caving in on me when I watch 'U-571'. I think the TRW is just the ticket, altho my pair of humble Woofers by Bob Dominators do a GREAT job for their low cost.
I just realized that one needs either an attic or a basement for this TRW woofer to function properly. Unfortunately, I have neither, so it will be a while before I can take advantage of this technology. U-571 is an awesome movie with a great soundtrack.