Review: Tonian TL-D1 MK II Speaker

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These speakers are so good, in my opinion, I just wanted to briefly share my thoughts. I listen to a little Classical, a little Rock, and a lot of Jazz. Examples: John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, Modest Mouse, Robbin Ford, Dwight Yoakum, Bruckner, Walter Piston, Bantock, Charles Lloyd, Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson.
Almost every aspect of the sound field is equaly important to me because if lacking in any one area, it's just that much less real sounding. If I had to rank importance it would probably be in declining order: speed-dynamics, tonality-texture, detail-transparency, frequency response, sound stage. The sound stage being the least important only if I had to make a choice. The sound stage by the way is the best I have experienced with these speakers and very stabile as I slide from one end of my couch to the other. I have had a fair bit of exposure to different gear over the years, in my home, at my friends homes, shows, and salons. I am currently enjoying what I think as a whole is the best system I have ever had. Systems I've had in the past included big multi-driver speakers, monitor speakers with subs, and single driver speakers, push pull tube amps, single ended amps. I am currently using a 91-A 2A3 amp that I think is the best I've had for my needs and taste. My dream speakers before finding these were from Teresonic, and even if I had the money, which I don't, I truly wouldn't make the switch. I think I would just have to give up too much. These speakers are just too complete from top to bottom. It becomes very apparent as you listen to these, that a lot of thought and effort has gone into combining the modified drivers and unique cabinet into a very fine and very musical instrument. Sounds to me as if Tony's modified drivers obviate the need for a crossover, just my guess. The drivers blend seamlessly. I think musicality is the one quality we all try to arrive at with our gear, and we use all the descriptors we use to try to explain it. These speakers just plain sound more natural and more musical than anything I have had before, I think in large part due to their speed and dynamics. The music just flows with no sense of strain even with just my 3.5 watt amp. The music is more harmonically and tonally complete than what I am used to, rich yet spacious, full yet articulate, fast and dynamic. For practical purposes, bass is as good as I have experienced for real world in the home, especially when you consider definition, excellent. Mids are smooth and detailed, highs liquid and extended all with a sense of uninterupted continuousness from top to bottom. These sound to have a very flat frequency response in my room. I think these are a the perfect speaker for low powered amps, really offering no compromises, and possibly more powerful amps as well. You may want to keep these in mind.

Be Happy, Fred

Associated gear
Mac Mini running"Pure Music" software. M2Tech hiFace USB interface modified by John Kenney.Mhdt Havana NOS Dac. Tube Audio Lab tube linestage. Tube Audio Labs 91A-2a3 amp.

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Fred, I can't believe I see a glass top desk/table in your room. What were you thinking? I suggest you quickly remove the desk, or put a blanket over it. It will vastly improve the sound you are getting. In all, a very well written review. I'll be looking for an opportunity to listen to those speakers.
Hi Buconero,
The TV gets covered and the table gets moved for serious listening. I need room for my feet. As far as speakers go, I haven't stumbled accross many alternatives for low powered amps that are so complete.
Luv my TL-D1's. Had them for the past two and a half years and have used them with Audio Note, 47 Labs and Red Wine Audio amplification. Very musical and revealing of the differences in the upstream gear. They are keepers for sure.
Rbrowne, The more I listen, the more exceptional I am finding these to be. In my mind, they are really much more than just another alternative. And the sense of openness they convey, remarkable. Like you said, they're keepers.