Interconnect/Speaker cables

Hi all, Newbie here with a question. My set up will be components which I was given which include the following: 2 class " A" N.E.W. amplifiers and a N.E.W. tube preamp w/ an East sound cd-5 cd player. I plan on using magnepan mmg's bi amped and would like to know any suggestions on mid-priced interconnects and speaker cables that will give me the most bang for my buck. Thanks in advance.
i would use stereovox firebird
Place the monos behind the speakers, and make your own ribbon SCs. For ICs, the Speltz IC is a hard one to better.
Paul Speltz Anti cables...Great sound and cheap>>>>
I'd go with Virtual Dynamics for interconnects and Kimber 4TC or the 8 for speaker wire. Both have great sonics and work well with alot of equipment
I've start using Grover Huffman's speaker interconnects ( and have being lovin the results.
Give Frank a call or email at Signal Cable.
He really helped me on the best combo for my system. I'm using silver interconnects and copper speaker wire and it's a great combo and won't break the bank.
i'm also using a tube preamp and a class A amp. i want to try out a few different combos, but hoping to get hear from others on there picks for this equipment set-up
As I have suggested in other posts, I use Anti-Cables with great success. They have a money back guarantee...its worth the effort to try.
Signal Cable or Audio Art Cable - both good bang for the buck