Interconnect from Phono stage to Pre amp

Any favourites out there
I'm in the process of looking for something that matches well with the KCI Silkworms interconnects
I want to mix and match cables and not sure which products to consider

I've demod a few cables in this position and it's really a crap shoot as to what sounds the best ..
What are your thoughts on the following interoconnects

Live MK 1
Ensemble dynaflux
Looked up to about 1,500 maybe 2,000 a few years ago, used the cable company's lending library, and while in some places the cardas neutral or golden reference did wonders overall the Hovland MusicGroove2 was the best overall without getting ridiculous. For 750 at the time it seemed like a best buy.
That's my 2 cents for your own ears hit up the cable company and use their library and see/hear what works for you
I believe the Hovland musicgroove 2 is a phono cable
i'm looking for an RCA Interconnect cable
Your correct, careless reading on my part sorry,
though am using Cardas Golden Reference at present and enjoy the results
I too am using Cardas Golden reference,My LPs sound excellent.
I Tried the Cardas wasn't my cup of tea
What else works well with Gold interconnects as rca cable from Phono to Linestage
I use Tara Labs The One. A little pricey ($2,000) but truly neutral. Works great for me.
another user of Cardas Golden Reference, Neutral Reference, and Golden how these cables make the ol` vinyl and `table sound.