Integrateds: $3K, $4.5K or $5K

I'm building a new system with an integrated amp at its heart. I'm considering Musical Fidelity M6i (200 wpc, $3,000), McIntosh MA5200 (100 wpc, $4500) or Bryston B135 SST2 (135 wpc, $5070 w/ remote).

Will be driving either Totem Element Fire (8 ohms, 88db SPL) or Joseph Audio Pulsar (8 ohms, 85db SPL), both 2-way stand mounts.

Small room (13' x 15', 9' ceiling).

Listening to mostly mainstream rock, R&B, dance/club. Occasional light jazz, Broadway, Sinatra and the like.

Would welcome input from those who've had experience with, or opinions about, any of these amps.

I tend to agree, that those are all good choices. Others have made good suggestions, but yours are as good as any. I like musical fidelity. They are well built well thought out amps, with more than enough power for your needs. You might look for some of the older models like the Trivista, second hand, that was a lovely amp too.

Basically, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the amps you name.
The Trivista WAS a damn good amp! It deserved every bit of praise it got when it came out a decade or so ago!
Many moons ago I bought a HK but traded it for a super Onkyo Integrated and still own it but have it serving another duty for outdoor enjoyment...

But consider another...CODA....even though it has no headphone...I do have a separate HP amp for that and pleased and mostly had the room for its fit. But CODA CSi are serious powerful integrated amps (330 amps into 8 & 660 into 4 ohm)serving bliss and clarity beyond belief...also if you did mix a sub into the mix it has a separate amp for that ...definitly able to drive anything you throw at it...

my two cents
Guys, I understand why you all love YOUR amps. We all do. Makes sense. I can't have tubes anymore. I have Quicksilver separates that would be AWESOME, but I'm sick of tubes and as much as I love them I wanted an amp that would give me that sweet sounds, but also tight low end etc.. I listened to Rogue even though it's tubed as my dealer also carries that along with AR, which I've always LOVED. I have listened to Krell since day one and even have a Stealth that I'm selling. It doesn't do it for me anymore. Honestly, it never did it for me. I always liked ML stuff better along with Rowland. the Bryston gear has always sounded nice for SS stuff, but I've heard Ayre in three dealerships recently with Focal, Paradigm, ML, Vandy, Proac and it's always sounded great. I've heard the Creek too and liked it, but to my ears it's not in the same league as the Ayres, especially with Vandy Treo's, which will be my speakers. I also am starting to get new AQ wires throughout that will replace top of the line MIT cables. I wanted to buy a real system finally and not just get pieces that were great on their own, but may not have had synergy if that makes sense. I am only getting a Music Hall DAC 25.3 with AQ Niagara balanced connections, but it sounds great compared to some more costly DACs I've been hearing. Eventually I hope to get a matching Ayre DAC as that's the best sounding one I've heard so far.
If you are looking for tube amplifier, Sophia Electric has a model named 126-03 that might be a great choice for power, resolution and sound.