List of tube integrateds with headphone out

I'm in the market for a tube integrated with a decent headphone out. There aren't many options. I have found the ones listed below:

Cary SLI80
Cary SEI300
Rogue Cronus
Manley Stingray (new version)

Please chime in with other suggestions. Integrateds with a remote get bonus points.
All of the "golden age" tubed integrateds circa 1955-1965. When refurbished these can perform incredibly well. The issue for you may be the output power. You might want to specify which speakers and headphones you want to drive.
Yes, I would be very happy with a Leben. A friend owns a CS-600. 28 watts/el34 or 32 watts/6l6gc. Very special! Or CS-300X. 12 watts/el84.
X3 Leben 300XS - Tone Imports now offers them with 120V for U.S. use without a transformer.

Mechans - Which of the amps from that era offers headphone jacks, and what makes them perform well via the headphone output? I'd not heard that suggestion before so I'm curious. The common thread through those more modern amps mentioned thus far (well, I can only speak for Cary and Leben - I'm not familiar with the Rogue or new Manley) is that there is significant attention given to the headphone output as there is to the speaker output. Usually it is just an add-on/afterthought.

Another might be Portal Audio Panache - very good, but not at the same level as Cary or Leben.
What about Peachtree Audio Nova/Decco?
Add the VTL IT-85 to your list... it's a solid all-round performer.

The Fisher Receiver I am using sounds good to me. I believe the preamp circuit is used to amplify the headphone jack. The tubes are usually NOS German.
However if you want a super headphone amp I will admit that my modern but now disgraced SinglePower is much much better. If you audition a quality dedicated headphone amp I bet you will be bowled over if it sounds anywhere as good as the one I have. (Despite the bad behavior of it's maker.)
I must apologize I do not know a current tubed integrated as specified.
I wonder given the nature of this industry if you can ask for a custom piece can be made for you. Mapletree Audio in Canada makes preamps, amps, integrateds and Headphone amps usually made to order. He seems to be flexible but I haven't any idea how much it would cost.

almarro a205a mkII
I'm currently using a Cary SLI80. Its great, but I'm always keeping my options open. I use Grado Sr60, SR325i, and Shure840 with it. All are 32ohm loads.

I've heard the Peachtree with other speakers and found it to be a thin sounding unit. It is on my radar again as the Zu's are more efficient than what I heard it paired with.

I use a Rega P5 and SqueezeboxTouch>PS Audio DLIII.

I'm debating the Peachtree as a preamp/DAC/headphone amp, and getting a tube amp for speaker duty.
Did you ever sell the Cayin integrated? If not let me know. I'm here in Richmond.