Integrated vs pre/power

Hi my friend overseas is considering the convenience of a integrated vs a pre/power. His speakers are very efficient.

Some of the integrated's he is considering are the Simaudio 700i, Boulder 865, Gryphon Diablo.
For pre/power he is looking at the Herron VTSP3A/Monoblocks, or the Ayre 5series combo.

will the pre/power always come out ahead, and in what areas?
It is a case by case matter, there is no electrical reason why the integrated can not sound as good . The more powerful the amp the more likely it is to come either as a seperate amp or in 2 or more boxes The ASR Emmitter 2 is an intgrated but comes in several boxes and weighs 400 pounds. Since he does not need a lot of power he should probably be looking at lower power amps, either seperate or integrated. Lower powered amps have advantages over higher powered ones when the extra power is never needed. The circuit can be simpler and many feel that smaller amps are more agile. In any case more power costs more money and why pay for something you don't use?
No, the separates won't always come out ahead... a good integrated can perform as well as separates.
Quality and price being equal, the integrated should always come out on top. Particularly when you factor in power cords, interconnect, etc.
Are you looking for reasons to talk him out of buying what he wants? If so,why?
I started with integrateds to save time and money, but drifted towards separates as time went on. Now if I want to change my amp, I don't have to change my preamp.

The nice thing about an integrated is that it's all in one piece, one chassis; the bad thing about an integrated is that it's all in one piece, one chassis.
Good one, Trebejo! Funny, and I agree with your comment.
Tpreaves, are you trying to start an argument? If so, why?
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Of all the items listed above, the Gryphon is the clear winner in my humble opinion.
A few years ago, I did an extensive A/B/C/D/ comparison using the predecessor to the Diablo, the Callisto 2200, I believe.
I compared it on THIEL 7.2's, PipeDreams 18's, Martin Logan...(13K, forget the model), so it was a test of several types of speakers. I compared the Gryphon to the Ayre/Ayre, Ayre/CJ, McIntosh amp/Preamp, Krell FPB 600/Krell preamp...just about all combintations of in store gear that 'matched up' as worthy combinations.
The Gryphon won, not only in my appraisal, but to everyone else who I polled informally.
The Gryphon to me, has the exact right blend of power/finesse, soundstage, musicality, imaging, detail, pace, name it. The stuff just sounds magical.
It's a shame that Fleming Rasmussen has a h.o. for America.
I think they could do very well in this market with worthy distribution and committment, something they've never had.

Go with the Gryphon, it's magic.

Good listening,

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