integrated shootout - Audio Refi, SimAudio or Edge

Hi everyone. I've been thinking of simplifying my system by consolidating my Audio Refinement Pre5 preamp with remote and Multi5 5 channel amp (only use 2 channels) to an integrated amp. I've read many great things about the Audio Refinement Complete Alpha integrated with the preamp outs but they are impossible to find now. With that said, there looks to be some nice choices for sale on this site. I really like the Audio Refinement sound (I like it better than Linn, and it beat out a Rogue Cronus Magnum also I had side-by-side in my system).

What would you guys do out of the following choices (rest of system is posted):

1. Keep my Audio Refinement separates?
2. Get a new Simaudio Moon i.5 (220i) integrated for $999 under warranty (10 years), sell / trade in Audio Refinement separates?
3. Get a used / demo Edge i3 integrated for $750, sell Audio Refinement separates, maybe also sell my Pro-ject phono tube box II preamp if the Edge i3 phono stage is better?
4. Keep looking for an Audio Refinement Complete Alpha with preamp outs?

Save yer money and time. If your system sounds good to you now, sit back and enjoy it, man. Stop eyeing that audiophool carousel you see spinning before you.

As Nancy Reagan famously said "Just say no..."

All of your suggestions will be a significant downgrade in sound quality. For fun, try using another 2 channels of your multi 5 to biamp your speakers. Then you won't feel like you are wasting anything, and you will likely get a nice little improvement in sound quality.

If you are set on an integrated, be prepared to spend at least double what you were considering to match what you've got.
I heard the same about a Complete version with pre-amp outs. I don't believe there ever was one.
Why do you need pre-amp outs?
As I understand it, the AR integrated with preamp outs is the latest model.
I have the alpha version which was the last model before the line ended. No preamp outputs. I think its a passive pre anyway.
Ssglx, can you notify me if you ever decide to sell your AR gear?
Sure can.

If I ever need to to downscale to just one system, the Cary/Monarchy combo would win out by a little bit.
So, I want to add one more to this shootout. Has anyone heard the Marantz PM8004 that has also heard the Audio Refinement gear (tube like sound with SS control). If so, how do they compare? I would really like to pick up a Complete Alpha but they are very rare. The one up on this site for sale now looks pretty beat up for the price. The Marantz PM8004 has gotten very good reviews but it seems to be more neutral with maybe a touch of coolness vs the warmth of the Audio Refinement gear. The Marantz is a huge plus on availability plus having what seems to be a decent MM stage in case my main phono preamp goes on the fritz, like today when I dropped it off for warranty repair - damn tube gear ;).
If you want consolidation, perhaps the simaudio 3.3i. Get both the phonostage and Dac built in with a great sounding integrated amp. You are looking at 4000.00, but all inclusive sound system in 2 channels. I had one, liked it, but later upgraded to the simaudio 600i.